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Sarah Palin is a respectful individual

Sarah Palin, the great white vaginal hope for many women who celebrate good looks and winking over intelligence and ability, was criticized yesterday for being spotted wearing a hat upon which the name of Senator John McCain had been blacked out. It was viewed by many as an attack on the ex-presidential candidate, even though Palin said that it was just her attempt to be incognito. (Because obviously, buying a different hat would have been very difficult.)

Critics, however, point to a few other actions she’s taken that appear to be an attack on the American political system, the Republican party, and more specifically, John McCain:

  • The ownership of Twitter account @JohnMcCainSucks has been traced back to her IP address.
  • Recently supported a ban on the existence of AARP magazines anywhere on federal government property.
  • Started a movement to have the “donkey punch” renamed the “elephant punch”.
  • Keeps mailing McCain tourist brochures from the real Hanoi Hilton.
  • Asked Russia if they’d let her shoot wolves from a helicopter if she changed nationalities and took Alaska with her.
  • Switched out McCain’s Metamucil with high intensity horse laxative.
  • Ninjas.
  • Switched out his Medic Alert bracelet with a DNR one.
  • Her car’s bumper sticker says “I BRAKE FOR NADER”.
  • Faces Mecca five times a day and prays.
  • Said yes when McCain asked her to run for VP.

Everybody have a great weekend!

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  1. Trish

    And for a little universal balance:

    I almost peed myself laughing. Keep up the good work. 😉 (and in the spirit of balance, I’d have peed myself if you wrote about obama too. Humor’s humor, regardless of political party)

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