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My Top Ten Posts of 2009

What’s a year end series without some self-backslapping? Here is what I consider to be my top ten(ish) posts of the year:

10. Sex toy reviews: I’ve done several reviews, but I’d have to say my best one is my review of the blowjob imitator. (Followed closely by my review of the prostate massager).

9. Morally repugnant humor: I like to be a bit risque sometimes, and while my posts doen’t always hit the mark, I’m glad that I made the attempt – it helps me develop as a writer and a humorist. Like the post where I rewrote some Bible verses just in time for Easter. Or when I wrote a nasty remembrance of a fake person on 9/11.

8. Racist humor: Racism is such a hot button topic that even simple words can spark controversy. And as usual, I try to come up with my own way of approaching the subject to take the power away from the words. One of my favorite posts on the topic of stereotypes was when I came up with new Hallmark divisions to match their black-oriented “Mahogany” line. (I also liked my racist Internet terminology post.)

7. Video blogs: I love to make video posts, although I’m not nearly as smooth or funny as I think I am in my head. Even with that, the video where I did dramatic readings from “Fuck My Life” is my favorite vlog of the year, followed closely by my video imagining if Hitler found

6. Posts capitalizing on fear: The furor around President Obama’s election causing such irrational fear in hardcore Republicans struck a chord with me, and I wrote a few posts that I really enjoyed about this ugliness and anti-American attitude. While I was fond of my advance copy of his inauguration speech, it was my sneak peek at the Presidential Address to Students that I thought was spot on.

5. Controversial posts: Whether I’m writing about how creepy breastfeeding is or pranking Freecycle by pretending to give away a free PS3, I have no problem stating my opinion if I do self-admittedly play the devil’s advocate to an extreme at times.

4. Nudity: Nudity is always funny, but it’s especially funny when a fat guy recreates a pose by a thin, muscular, hot guy in Playgirl.

3. Uncomfortable humor: I think it’s important to find humor in the most serious of events, and that’s how I cope with anything that’s difficult. Nowhere was that more evident this year than when I wrote about my Alzheimer’s stricken Nana.

2. Dead celebrity interviews: I enjoy writing interviews with celebrities once they’ve passed into the ether, and I think the best one I’ve written was my interview with the late, great Ed McMahon.

1. Serious posts: While I tend to keep my posts very light, there are times when I write seriously and personally. I write from my heart and share in a way like I’ve learned from examples. While my post about my weight was one of the most personal I’ve ever written, I think my favorites would be either about having a daughter or consoling a grieving mother.

Honorable Mentions:

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39 Replies to “My Top Ten Posts of 2009”

  1. muskrat

    I liked the historical twitters. Showed you’re smarter than many may think (excluding you, of course, as you clearly think yourself brilliant).

    Happy New Year’s! Hope to see your small(er) ass several times in 2010 (NYC, Orlando, Atlanta?)!

  2. martymankins

    The PS3 giveaway post is actually on my top 10 list of posts from any blogger. I read that post and shared it with as many people as I could. Pure fucking genius.

    A great year of Avitable. Looking forward to more blogging debauchery in 2010.

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