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The Top Ten Blogs of 2009

If I thought my last few lists were hard, I didn’t have a clue. Trying to comb the over 550 blogs that I have in my feedreader to find the ones I consider to be the top ten is a nigh impossible task. I tried to ignore the blogger behind the blog and instead look at three main questions:

1. Would I read this blog even if I didn’t know the person writing it (or do I already read it without knowing the author)?

2. Does the blog’s content impress me on every level?

3. Do I look forward to every post they write?

Does that mean that blogs not mentioned didn’t meet these criteria? No. Since I’ve limited myself to ten, though, it means that I had to think very carefully before deciding whether I was ranking the blog or the blogger. And, as a side note, if you are reading this and you weren’t mentioned, please don’t see that as a slight in any way!

Since I was told by someone that the mini-reviews I write in lists like this are always technical and boring, I decided to just describe each blog with three words instead. And now, without further ado, for my last post in 2009, here, in no particular order, are my top ten blogs of 2009.

10. Blogography: Creative. Bittersweet. Entertaining.

9. Native Born: Principled. Strong. Compelling.

8. Mocha Momma: Heartstrings. Motivational. Inspiring.

7. Splendid Mishap: Funny. Raunchy. Vagina.

6. Mommy Melee: Righteous. Heartfelt. Authentic.

5. The Trephine: Thoughtful. Amazing. Humorous.

4. The Verdant Dude: Unique. Clever. Hirsute.

3. Cheaper Than Therapy: Stream-of-consciousness. Quirky. Hilarious.

2. Metalia: Hysterical. Peculiar. Nerd-o-riffic.

1. Miss Britt: Honest. Deep. Genuine.

Honorable Mentions:

See you next year!

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75 Replies to “The Top Ten Blogs of 2009”

  1. Dave2

    These are, of course, listed in no particular order… right? 🙂

    You are a far braver man than I. At last count, my feed reader has 267 personal blogs listed. Obviously, there are some that I enjoy and look forward to more than others.

    But I wouldn’t dare name them.

    Though it’s posts like this that would have you near the top if I did. I may not always agree with what you have to say, but I can’t wait to see how you say it. Here’s to another year, my friend!

  2. Faiqa

    Really? I’d have thought you would have used, “Smarter Than Me.” Heh.

    No, but, seriously, I know how discerning you are, so it is a compliment of the highest order in my book to be included in this post. I definitely feel the same. Yours is the first blog I read, and as of late the only one that I read every day. And, yes, I still read it every day.

  3. Kim

    Yay !! 4 new blogs for me to read !!

    And , to let me make a list of my own…..

    1. Amazing blogger that I have met twice in 2009 and am now proud to call him a friend – Adam….
    (and I almost forgot the “b” and then I would have had to buy him a flannel shirt and sang the LumberJack song incessantly)….. thank god I remembered I remembered our meetings and the song that makes me think of you….is by Carly Simon… LOL…… love u Adam …HAppy 2010 to you and your family….Fucker !!! : )

  4. B.E. Earl

    You know, I’ve been growing my hair for almost two years now and this is the first time anyone has dared call me hirsute.

    I like it!

    Thanks a bunch! And a quick question: Are all 550 blogs on your reader personal blogs or do they run the gamut? I have a little over 200 subscriptions on my reader, but only around 60 are personal blogs. And, hey…I just listed them all on my last post! Hirsute, er, minds think alike.

  5. Mama Kat

    I’m fairly new here so I understand not making the cut on the top ’09 blogs…but fully expect to at least be an honorable mention next year…and I’m not going to sleep with you let’s just clear that up right away.

  6. lceel

    Happy New Year, Adam. I am glad I met you – I am glad I read you. And Miss Britt is the only one of those that I read.

    I just asked myself who my ‘Top Ten’ are. And why.

    They’re all good writers. And they’ve all become friends.

    Which is why I love blogging.

  7. Finn

    I like the three-word thing. I read four blogs on your top ten list, and I agree with their addition. Of course now I’m going to have to check out these other ones, as if I have time for MORE blog reading. Fucker.

    Thanks for the honorable mention. 🙂

  8. Janelle

    I spent most of last night reading the the blogs in your top 10 that I haven’t heard of before. Today I’m tired and I blame you :). But your list rocks! I very much enjoyed the blogs and have added them to my feed reader. Thanks for sharing!!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Mocha

    Considering the fact that numbers 7 & 8 are related to one another by blood, it’s only fitting that:

    …it’s FUNNY that Maddie came out of my VAGINA in a RAUNCHY, teenage-motherhood kind of way and that your HEARTSTRINGS get pulled when I talk about this long-lost daughter of mine in a way that MOTIVATES you to do something INSPIRING with your life.

    Or not.


    I’m doing a happy dance that I made your list, but a happier dance that you are my friend and that you find me worth reading. Sorry to get all mushy on you, Adam, but dude. I fucking love you.


    p.s. now I’m off to read other folks you mentioned that I don’t know of yet!

  10. SwanShadow

    I would suppose that I should work harder next year so that I could make the list.

    But then, that would require me to care whether anyone besides me reads the darned thing.

    You, Britt, and Snackiepoo would all be on my list. Assuming I made one.

  11. Well Read Hostess

    Heads up for 2010 list: Jane, You Ignorant Slut.

    Just sayin’…

    And hey? Why didn’t you put yourself on that list? I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as when I watched that video of you lubing up a sausage with mayo to violate that sex toy. Well…never laughed so hard while also throwing up in my mouth. Because, hello? Mayonnaise? Gross.

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