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I need volunteers!

Okay, so I need as many of you as possible to volunteer for a super secret project. No nudity will be required, although it is acceptable, and it will take less than 5 minutes of your time.

If you’re interested and willing to do this project within the next two days, leave a comment and I’ll email you with the details!


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98 Replies to “I need volunteers!”

  1. The Minx!

    I’m absolutely willing to help with a fun project– count me in! I’ll even wear my super-special “Give-Yourself-A-Huge-Rack-Even-Even-Though-We-Can’t-Call-It-This” Bra!

    ~The Minx~

  2. Kath.

    “Project” sounds huge, but “5 minutes” sounds just fine. I’m too curious to not do this. (Even without the nudity, which is normally my field of expertise…)

  3. MB

    I’d love to help out and volunteer but I’m scared. All I know is that I won’t have to get naked but will I get arrested? bound and gagged? spanked? or ??? Curious minds want to know.

  4. Mari

    I admit, I’m curious too. And I’ll volunteer – UNLESS you want me to watch more horribly, terribly disgusting videos. There is NO WAY that I’ll watch those two damn women eating…. (ahem, ne’mind).

  5. Miss Britt

    I am amazed that all of these people trust you enough to volunteer for anything vague.

    Me? I know better.

    In fact, the next time you ask me for help on ANYthing, I’m going to be all “dude, go ask those suckers on your blog!”

    How do you think they’d do at answering the phones and deciphering accents?

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