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It’s no “Glee”.

(I know my commenting, reading, and posting has been sparse this week. I’ve been juggling several big projects, some of which I haven’t really been able to talk about yet. That will change over the next few days.)

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26 Replies to “It’s no “Glee”.”

    • CP

      @Marta, Not until April, after American Idol season is over. Two new cast members will be added. And bonus? If you are an Adam Lambert fan from last years American Idol? He will have a role in this seasons GLEE! So, that makes ME quite happy. But April is FAR too long to wait.

      • Marta

        @CP, OH NO IM not think it was that much later because of the shows that come back already now. it hope that the return is as as the first season, but hey, at least AI is back on the plus side!

  1. britni

    Dude, seriously. I sang at my graduation too, and I was so nervous that there MUST be a video of me somewhere on the internets, messing up the lyrics and screeching off-key in a bad way. Kudos to this chicky for getting it on! It takes guts!!!

  2. cat

    She must have attended a really nice school filled with sweet, amiable kids or been REALLy popular because there’s no way that anywhere else she wouldn’t be booed off the stage (forgive my double negative).

  3. Faiqa

    Guts aren’t everything, you know. I’m far more impressed by things such as self awareness and the ability to define one’s limits. Oh, and? *I* would have knocked that one out the park.

  4. Employee No. 3699

    This is why I would never, ever do karaoke and I only play SingStar when the microphones are turned down and the stereo is playing in the background turned up to eleven!

    After that Steve Perry is turning over in his grave….wait he’s not dead yet or you would have interviewed him.

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