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Happy birthday to me.

Today, I turn 33. I plan on eating an entire grocery store birthday cake, four little ounces at a time. Who’s with me?

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142 Replies to “Happy birthday to me.”

  1. Grant

    I like how you take a week away from blogging, return with some maudlin bit, and get well over 150 comments for it. If you were a better writer, you could be the next Dooce. :p

    Oh, I meant happy birthday.

  2. Sarcastica

    MMM birthday cake! I’m with ya! In fact, if I weren’t so broke I would go buy a cake and eat it in your name. But, pay day isn’t til Thursday and I don’t think Matt would let me buy a whole cake just to eat by myself πŸ™ what a pooey.

    But anyways, know that I am eating a cake with you in theory, just not literally. My ass would not forgive me πŸ˜›


  3. Loukia

    Me me me me me!!!!!! Oh, I could so eat an entire cake. In fact, I have been known to eat entire large pizzas from Pizza Hut, too. It’s a true story. Maybe we should have an ‘eat-off’ at BlogHer ’10? What do you say? You game? I’d kick your ass! πŸ˜‰

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re way funnier than I am, and you’re younger than me, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. shiny

    Happy birthday!

    In lieu of cake I was thinking of getting you something else. But your blog will probably filter out comments with links in them. So — do a YouTube search of “walrus” and “fellatio.” (Although I’d be shocked if you haven’t already seen this one.)

    You know, maybe cake would have been a better idea…

  5. greg t

    Happy Fucking birthday old man. Cake huh. That will shoot a hole in your diet. Why don’t you eat something with no calories… I akm sure you could think of someone.. er I mean something sorry..

  6. MB

    I’m still trying to work of the last 30+ years of birthday cake off my ass so I will celebrate your birthday with 4 little ounces of vodka at a time, ok?

    Hope you have a great 33rd birthday 4 little ounces at a time.


  7. Shannon

    Happy Birthday! I tried to eat an entire sheet cake one birthday when I was living the single ladies life and the consequences were rather dire the next time I visited the ladies room.

    Just sayin’


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