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How to move 33 years of crap in three days

Hire child labor.

Child Labor from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

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60 Replies to “How to move 33 years of crap in three days”

  1. Faiqa

    You know what feeling washes over a brown woman when she watches a video like this? Justice. I love seeing little white kids laboring for The Man. Hehe. Now, I have some soccer balls that need sewing lying around here somewhere…

  2. Grant

    At first I thought you were literally referring to feces. I feel like I moved 33 years worth last night, so I was going to recommend you go to my local bad hospital (which I nicknamed the Deathstar) and get something (anything) treated there. But since you’re talking household objects, I recommend fire as the solution to all your problems. As usual.

  3. Robin

    I’ve been thinking. We should write a book on this. Child Labor for Fun and Profit. You and Miss Britt can write, and I’ll do the editing (for a share of the profits, of course). It would be a hit. Think of all the parents who would scoop it up so that they, too, could make money from their children’s sweat. Could even make it a multimedia thing and use some of this nice footage of Miss Britt’s kids. You could be bigger than Jonathan Swift!

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