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My To-Do List

(in case you missed it)

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50 Replies to “My To-Do List”

  1. Jay

    It’s sad enough that she had to write notes on her hand, but things like “budget cuts” and “tax cuts?” That’s like a man having to write “I like boobies” on his hand to remember what his favorite things are.

  2. Sheila (Charm School eject)

    There is a *huge* difference between using a “cheat sheet” and using a teleprompter.

    Do I think that it’s messed up that those are the key points she wrote down? Sure. BUT they could also just be a mental note of the order of topics she wanted to use when she was giving her speech.

    I think people need to look up the definition of hypocrisy because I don’t think this instance falls under that. [And Adam, you know that I know everything and am always right so just go with me on this one….]

    I think it’s retarded for people to get all up in arms over some ink on her hand when they really should be concerned that, while she may have written down her “core values” on her hand, all of Obama’s “core values” are written by someone else and typed into a little machine that tells him what to say. (I don’t know if anyone writes SP’s speeches)

    And there is my Republican fifty cents.

    (And I say all this even though I would never vote for Sarah Palin for President.)

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