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Make your vagina pretty

From the site: “My New Pink Button” is a simple to use Genital Cosmetic Colorant that restores the “Pink” back to a woman’s genitals. It is a temporary dye to restore the youthful pink color back to your labia. There is no other product like it. This patent pending formula was designed by a female certified Paramedical Esthetician after she discovered her own genital color loss. While looking online for a solution she discovered thousands of other women asking the same questions regarding their color loss. After countless searches revealing no solution available and a discussion with her own gynecologist she decided to create her own. Now there is a solution!

You’d think that a big selling point of this product would be the before and after shots, but nope. I looked.

Is genital color loss something you’ve noticed?

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54 Replies to “Make your vagina pretty”

  1. Nanna

    Hmmmm. I’ve never looked. How in the hell would someone notice such a thing?

    Damn. Now I have to go look. Although, never having really looked BEFORE, I won’t know if there’s a difference.

    Now I’m in a quandry.

  2. Kim

    GOOD LAWD !! I never even thought of this ! And like Nanna, I’ve never looked. That little icon up there next to her name is the color pink I’m going for though. I don’t know whether to eww or ahh ?

    And how in the hell does this conversation come up at the gynecologist ?? Apparently mine doesn’t get out (or in) a lot.

  3. Zakary

    Well, FUCK.

    Now along with waxing my mustache/beav, plucking my eyebrows/chin hairs, getting my roots done, mani/pedis, working out (TOTAL LIE), I need to be concerned about my vagina’s color?

    *runs off to totally look

    • MIdLifeMama

      @Zakary, No no, you need to be concerned about the color of your LABIA, which is presumably the pretty part of your genital area. Between this and Jessica Love Hewitt bedazzling her girl parts I believe I will just go live in a cave. SERIOUSLY. If we would all just do it in the dark like normal people your business could be green with neon pink stripes and no one will be the wiser.

  4. Moon HalloranLeady

    All good here. Beloved couldn’t care less about the shade of my hoo-hoo, just so long as it is “fully functional” 🙂

    But hmmm….still wondering…why “would” care about such a thing?

    And for the rest of you curious commenters, the link is very tame (sorry Adam) – and funny/interesting! It ships FREE with Super Saver Shipping…and apparently “thousands” of women care enough to buy it. Very funny.

    I’ll still with my, uhm, *speshul* shade of vee-jay-jay, TYVM

    Cute though, Adam….very kewt.

  5. Kelly, The Glass Dragonfly

    Some women want pink vaginas because men watch porn! It’s the same reason so many women shave/wax. Many men think that women should look like porn stars or else they aren’t attractive…so some women have caved to the pressure and tried to CHANGE WHAT THEY ARE as women to please their men.

    Dan, unless he is gay, is the target of this product…because women don’t see their vaginas…men do. (Usually!)

    Um, shit, apparently I have a chip. : )

    And for a product like this I would definitely WANT before and after shots!! For sure!

  6. TheQueen

    I’ve recently recovered from a vulvar illness. I noticed a loss of color, and it is disturbing. Imagine opening your mouth and seeing your maw is grey all the way back to your uvula. It’s like when Dorothy went back to Kansas.

  7. Hilly

    Why can’t we dye or Princess Hoopiedoos the color of money? Or red for V-Day then green for St. Patrick’s day? Cause that would be real fun!

    This? Just another pathetic attempt to make women feel like shit about a natural process. Um, not that I would know cause my lips still rock the pinkage.

    Wow, TMI.

  8. PottyMouthMommy

    First thing I did after seeing this link was call my mom!! haahahaahahaahaha… Um… yeah.. as for color loss- does that shit actually happen?? Like seriously? And wouldn’t the rest of you go pale too?? So I’m wondering, you’re like, old and pasty and have vibrant pink lips- isn’t that going to look a little fucked up?? I don’t know because since I got married, I don’t look at too many other peoples’ vaginas.

  9. Jen

    Because women don’t have enough to worry about, now we have to worry about our vaginas not being vivid enough? What the hell? I might be a little less offended if there was a similar product for men. You know, like for men who worry that their purple headed warrior isn’t purple enough any more. And maybe it’s just me but vagina dye just sounds like a yeast infection waiting to happen.

  10. Faiqa

    I just don’t know how to react to this information. It is incredibly depressing to me to think that women around the world are getting raped and pillaged because of their ethnicity or social standing or religion and we in the Western world are worrying about the color of our vaginas. This just fucking disgusts me. On so, so many levels.

    Why is my Mac underlining “vaginas”? Is that not the appropriate grammatical term? Is is vaginae? Oh, look, no underline. I guess it *is* vaginae. Huh.

  11. Employee No. 3699

    Adam, I haven’t actually inspected my labia of late, since you asked. But if I did and noticed any discoloration and decided to do something about it I wouldn’t choose pink, I’d go with ‘Nirvana’…and I’d expect my husband to do the same with his penis enlargement.

  12. susi q

    I may be late, but I just saw this. New to the site. Holy s*&t! If more people actually got a chance to see a real vagina and not a photoshopped one maybe these ‘men’ would realize that we are all beautiful. Not all vags are bright pink. So get out and find a real woman and get ur head out of the fake!

  13. ProudOwnerOfAVaJayJay

    Oooooh So Tie-Dying our vaginas is the new trend now??? Hmmmmm I wonder which colors would look nice one me..Rosie red?? vivid Lavender?? Ohhhhh how about Pretty pink?? LOL what the hell has society drivin women too?? iyou see pornstars photos* OH what a perfect Va-jay-Jay you have there..yeah its photoshopped sweety….Mines just happens to be real:D I didnt know vaginal area colors..FADE..what the hell.

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