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I originally had a post half-written from the point of view of Tilikum, the killer whale who killed Dawn Brancheau, a senior trainer at Sea World, yesterday. It was a diary told from the orca’s perspective, showing a building resentment towards the trainer thanks to perceived slights and insults.

But then I reconsidered and thought that maybe I was being a little insensitive. I am a fan of the maxim that funny trumps all, but all this woman did was her job. It’s one thing to find the humor in something, but what’s the porpoise of it all if I’m hurting someone at the same time? Especially since this was a death that was witnessed by her coworkers and an entire grouper of spectators.

I know it may seem fishy that I’m having a change of heart when I’m not usually known for being so tactful. However, this is a local story and I didn’t want to appear to be baiting anyone with a sharky sarcastic post. Additionally, this woman walrus not in the public spotlight and didn’t deserve a post a trout her death when it doesn’t appear to be anything other than an accident.

On the flipper side, these are dangerous wild animals. They’re called killer whales for a reason, and fin order to survive around them, one has to be vigilant at all times. I think it might be easy for a trainer who had been working with them for so long to start sealing them as being friendly orca domesticated, and it’s events like this that act as a reminder to always be clam, cautious and never treat wild animals caviarly.

My condolences go out tuna the family. And maybe once this isn’t so fresh, I’ll be able to write a funny post about it without seeming like too much of a basshole.

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74 Replies to “Shamurder”

  1. GeekByMarriage

    I just can’t believe they are posting pics of her blanket covered body. That and the fact that a killer whale who has 2 corpses under his belt was front and center during a show. Why wasn’t it put in a isolation tank away from humans? Grrrrr.

  2. thepsychobabble

    I had to re-read this 2x. After the first time, I was all like “How much have I had? No, I’m not THAT fucked up.” then I re-read it the 1st time, and thought “Good, I’m not THAT fucked up.” And then the third time I laughed out loud. But in a really guilty way, because that would be an awful, awful way to go.

  3. LeSombre

    I thought this was out of Char-acter for you, I definitely Smelt that something was wrong. At least you didn’t call the trainer a Croaker and a Morwong. Otherwise, I would have Pickerel fight with you.

    Barracudos to you!

    Amago back to my little corner of the web now.

  4. Marta

    I thought you were being nice and sweet at first and then I got to the joke about sharky and flipper and thought oh no you didn’t! Iwas wanted to say you lobster the pot! Well done!

  5. Amy

    So…I decided to comment since I usually just “lurk”. Wanted to just say your posts make me laugh and well…smile. I “found” you through reading Hilly, Kath and Britt’s through the years. I almost posted when I found out we shared the same birthday, LOL…anyway, thanks for being you and making all of us laugh with your wonderful sense of humor.

  6. thefinestkindofpork

    haha! This was funny. I wasn’t sure where you going with this, but then the post tuna’d a corner and you had me hooked.

    Bummer about her death, though. I guess now they’ll have to pick up the phone and scallop another trainer to come and take her place.

    –joe mason
    orono, me

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