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The tsunami that hit Hawaii

Anyone watching CNN on Saturday probably witnessed the pulse-pounding, nail-biting broadcast focused on a reef off of the coast of Hawaii, awaiting the destructive forces of a tsunami. Rarely has there been a broadcast so packed with intensity and urgency about such a life-altering issue of world concern. In fact, I can only think of the following several instances of breaking news that CNN covered as well as this one:

  • President Obama’s Shoes Untied, Trip and Fall Expected
  • Will Spelling Bee Semi-Finalists Misspell a Word?
  • The Exciting World of Pi to 10,000 Digits
  • The Toyota Recall: Important Technical Jargon that You Must Know or You Might Die!
  • The Cure For Cancer – We Watch Scientists Look at Things in Microscopes
  • Records Being Broken: How Long Can One Man Stand Still and Will He Get into the Guinness Book?
  • Words That Begin With A – Part 1 of a 26-Part Series
  • Breaking News: Paint Drying

Thank you, CNN, for being our source for timely, pressing, breaking news!

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22 Replies to “The tsunami that hit Hawaii”

  1. Kimberly

    My mom lives there and when I called her in a panic she was returning from a golf game and getting ready for a dinner party later that evening. Her biggest worry, “They sounded the tsunami warning at 6:00 am and woke us up.”
    I guess it’s good to be prepared, but ya, as usual the media makes a mountain out of mole hill.

  2. Grant

    This is what I like about not having cable – I hear about all of the “disasters” like tsunami and Tiger Woods after they’re over and the bloggy world is laughing at them.

  3. Hockeymandad

    I watched the time lapse photography of the big waves, they actually covered a small strip of sandbar for a few minutes. Talk about scary! Of course, I think they did a special episode of the biggest loser and did a full cast synchronized cannonball to create the same effect.

  4. Elizabeth Kaylene

    Ugh. Everyone was on Twitter panicking, “tsunami” and “Hawaii” were trending, so I figured a tsunami had hit Hawaii. Nope. It just might hit Hawaii, and it might hit a few other countries. People really need to relax.

  5. Poppy

    Thanks for mocking me. You’re an awesome friend.

    I really was very scared for the world. Dawg was sleeping off his overnight vollies shift and I had the hardest time not waking him up… so I finally did just so I could cuddle with him. Funny how I let things get super big in my mind until I have a Dawg to talk me down.

  6. Beth

    A bunch of the military bases went into lockdown so no one could leave/enter the bases, and my buddy went into labor. Luckily, she got to the hospital before the tsunami hit ;-). It’s a boy!

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