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June 30th can’t come fast enough!

I know this went live a few days ago, but it is pretty exciting! And fucking Team Jacob all the way!

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30 Replies to “June 30th can’t come fast enough!”

  1. Kim

    Am I the ONLY one who isn’t Twilight crazy ?

    I’m regular crazy, DOESN’T THAT COUNT FOR SOMETHING ??? *shakes fist*


    At least yall got me started on True Blood. That ought to count for something ! ; )

  2. The Grown Up Child

    You are such a girl sometimes. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t know because I think the trailer’s tone is a little too….how should I say…angsty? (I know that’s not a word.) Way too many brooding stares from Edward and waaaay too many bewildered glances from Bella.

    But I’m with you on one front. The highlight was really seeing Jacob without his shirt. Thanks for that, Summit. Said the cougar (Which is what my girlfriend says I need to say after each sexually charged statement I make which refers to a man who is inappropriately too young for me. Hey, you can use it too. I won’t mind.)

  3. Lynda

    Team Jacob? Is it the dog breath or the all over fuzz?

    I have another friend who is Team Edward, and her husband asks her why she would want to fuck a dead guy.

    It just never caught my interest.

  4. Blondefabulous

    Ugh! For the last time people….. Vampires don’t sparkle, werewolves don’t just “poof” into werewolfedness, and damn it all, Angel and Spike could kick all these muthafuckers asses!!!!

    Hell, even my 13 year old daughter is over this crap!

  5. Ashlie- Mommycosm

    OK, this is one of the reasons why I hang out over here. You and my husband are the only 2 straight men I know who are just as excited as I am for June 30th. I swear you both have ovaries tucked in there somewhere.

    Team Jacob. Especially now that the kid is legal – fortheloveofGod.

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