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Chat Roulette

This video is awesome – this guy uses this site called Chat Roulette to chat with random people and improvise songs with the piano, and he has a great experience, chatting with a great variety of people from different races, genders, and ages. I loved the idea so I did what I like to do, and I stole the idea for myself.

I planned on just doing some improv comedy, almost like a stand up picking on people in the audience. I went through 10 different chatters, and here’s what I got:

Chatter #1: Man jerking off

Chatter #2: Man jerking off

Chatter #3: Man in ninja costume jerking off

Chatter #4: Businessman in suit who stood up and started jerking off

Chatter #5: Photo of a girl that got torn down to show a guy jerking off.

Chatter #6: Tranny jerking off

Chatter #7: 90-year old grandmother. Who started jerking off.

Chatter #8: Monkey jerking off another monkey.

Chatter #9: Man tucking his junk and asking if I’d fuck him because he’d fuck himself. While jerking off.

Chatter #10: Catholic bishop. Jerking off a little boy.

I think the guy must have rigged his.

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27 Replies to “Chat Roulette”

  1. Hockeymandad

    They should create a game show around this site where they take misbehaving adolescent children into a room and Chuck Woolery announces “Let’s Find A Pedophile”(add some booping and beeping noises until the bad kid mashes a big red button) the crowd roars “Stop” and the children see the future ahead of them if they don’t change their ways. Parents rejoice for the tough love, the kids run screaming, and the commercials for Bounty, Pine Sol, and KY commence.

    Too much?

  2. Jay

    That guy is pretty awesome. But, Chatroulette is Freaktown. It was a good idea though. Randomly finding people to chat with would be fun. If it weren’t for all the freaks. I think it was created by an 18 year old Russian dude. He probably created it just to meet chicks and look what happened? Nothing but guys wanking. Somehow it all went horribly wrong.

  3. Kerri Anne

    I watched this at least ten times two nights ago and there were actual tears streaming down my face. “You guys have got a thumbs-up situation going on over there…” And the last guy? Where he just starts laughing hysterically? BEST EVER.

  4. Mari

    When I heard about this (from a mommy site – they’re UP.IN.ARMS.) I told DH about it. He thought the idea of it was pretty cool, right up until he heard about all the jerk offs.
    Seriously? How do these me not spend all their time ‘together’. Every time you click off one person you end up with another guy… something a bit homosexual about that.

  5. Faiqa

    So, I’m an old lady because the only thing I could think of when I was watching this was, “WHY ARE THOSE TEENAGE GIRLS MAKING HEART SIGNS AT A RANDOM GROWN MAN ON THE INTERNET? DOES THEIR MOTHER KNOW THEIR DOING THIS?!!”

  6. thepsychobabble

    I’m a wee bit tempted to try the chat roulette. But then, I’m not a huge fan of watching some random guy jerk off, and damn, how hard would it be to explain THAT to the husband, should he walk in midway?
    Because I know I’d be lifting an eyebrow in the reverse situation.

  7. Julianne

    Have you seen Ben Folds’ live tribute to this video? He does the same thing but in front of a live audience in Charlotte. Pretty good, especially since this guy sounds a lot like Ben

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