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Google in China

As you may have read, Google stopped censoring its search results in China yesterday, ideally hoping to allow Chinese citizens to have unfettered access to information. Unfortunately, what is likely to happen is that the Chinese government will begin to block access to Google and its services. Before that happens, though, I was able to get a list of the most popular search results originating from China once Google lifted its restriction:

  1. Why am I hungry thirty minutes after eating?
  2. Alternative lyrics to the song “Lollipop”
  3. How to advertise your business to rise above the glut of laundromats in the market
  4. Why do all white people look alike?
  5. How to be inscrutable.
  6. Rice recipes for the person sick of rice.
  7. Photos of Fucking and Nanking and Peking.
  8. Why do people think it’s funny to mock stereotypes?

I think Google might be doing the Chinese citizens a disservice.

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16 Replies to “Google in China”

  1. Hockeymandad

    Google will be blocked eventually. I think Google only did it in the first place so that China would allow them to have a presence there. Look what happened during the Olympics in 2008. Same kind of shenanigans.

    I think “Where can I watch this Karate Kid movie will also be a popular search” so they will have to block that. No sense letting the ancient wax on wax off secret get out.

  2. Elizabeth Kaylene

    I can’t decide whether Google should know better, or China should cut the shit. I know Google’s trying to portray themselves as a caring, moral company, but why purposely do something that will most likely piss off your customer? I don’t agree with China’s censorship, but perhaps Google should respect their wishes rather than showing off and saying, “Look! We’re doing the right thing! Yay!”


  3. B.E. Earl

    If it’s Year 5770 in the Jewish calendar, but only Year 4707 in the Chinese calendar then what did Jews eat for the first 1,063 years?

    (That’s a NY/Long Island joke, by the way. I don’t know if the “jewish folks eat a lot of chinese food” stereotype exists everywhere.)

  4. Poppy

    I just saw that “1 person liked this” on google reader so I clicked through and guess who it is?! John Hughes! From the grave! If that isn’t an endorsement for this post I don’t know what is.

    That list was hilarious.

    The lollipop line item amuses me the most for reasons I shall keep to myself.

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