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Bullets and birthdays

  • Is it mean that I won’t let my dog poop when we take walks? There’s nothing worse than using a plastic Ziploc to pick up hot, steamy poop from someone’s grass. I make her hold it until we get home and then let her off her leash so she can go in my front yard, where I don’t have to pick it up.
  • Speaking of dogs, have I mentioned that I share custody of Jigsaw with Amy? Every morning, after she’s gone to work, I go over to the house and whistle for her from the side gate. She comes outside and I take her to my house until the late afternoon and just bring her home. I only have her overnight when Amy’s out of town, but it’s nice for Jigsaw to get plenty of socialization. Plus she’s a kick-ass dog.
  • Will somebody please come make me a Bacon Cheese Turtleburger? I want to go to there.
  • My friend Andria‘s birthday is today! She’s this wickedly smart woman who’s a mom to two kids with a third one on the way, recently separated, and somehow totally in charge of her own life. It’s amazing how on the ball she is, and I am sure she’d love a happy birthday message or a good luck on her baby’s upcoming birth (early April)!
  • My friend Dave2, the cranky cartoonist, the dastardly designer, the acerbic artist, is also turning somewhere between 40 and 68 today. He’s one of the nicest guys in the world, unless you are Ann Coulter or piss him off, and then he’s vicious and will send cartoon monkeys to beat you to death. Happy birthday, Dave!
  • I always use “Ninjas” when I write bullets, but ninjas don’t use guns, so I think I’m doing them a disservice.
  • Have you voted for my “Chicken Sandwich” video yet?
  • And how about that Richard-centric LOST episode, hm? Keep the spoilers OUT of the comments or I’ll crotchpunch you.
  • I’m thinking this Friday should be a Movie Friday. Hot Tub Time Machine, anyone?
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25 Replies to “Bullets and birthdays”

  1. Lisa

    You don’t pick up dog poop in your yard? Do the lawn guys do it? I think it’s cool that you share the dog. Our dogs are like our kids, I don’t think either one of us would be able to give them up.

  2. Moon HalloranLeady

    Don’t know about the other bullets, but the Richard-centric Lost was very good (don’t worry…no spoilers here…I like my crotch and so does My Beloved).

    When you finally get to watch I think you will enjoy. It was very well done and answered a lot of questions, although I also think it opened up some more…but with any luck hopefully *those* too will be resolved.

    Oh and GREAT costuming, cinematography, dialogue, etc ~ they really went all out on this one, as they ought!

    Lost-ie hugs

    PS And no I don’t think anything’s weird about the doggie situation 🙂

  3. Lynda

    I buy poop bags for my dog, but it doesn’t make it any better. And I can’t control when she squats, because she will just suddenly crouch in the middle of the trail, sidewalk or where ever.

  4. Paticus

    I like your solution to the dog poop dilemma better than the people in my neighborhood who let their dogs poop in our yard and don’t bother to pick it up at all.
    And yes, LOST was kick-ass last night.

  5. hello haha narf

    my dogs crap BEFORE we walk. then the pee on everything along the journey. well, reilly does. ludo just wants to walk and guard stuff. anyhow, i understand not wanting her to dump along the way, but i don’t understand how you don’t “let” her. that does sound mean.

    and you don’t scoop poop outta your own yard? who does it for you? i had a service once, doodle scoopers, but eventually extra costs had to go and i nixed them so i am back to using that little rake + shovel on a stick thingie.

    yes, i voted for your video. will see if i can again.

    no, i didn’t see lost. i’ve never seen one episode. something is clearly wrong with me.

    fly up here and lets go to the movies tomorrow!

    yay for dave2 being born! it is a glorious day here in the burgh and i think it might just be because mother nature didn’t wanna be called a gum smacking whore by dave.

    happy birthday, andria! and happy about to have a baby. wheeeeeeeeee!!

  6. B.E. Earl

    On last night’s episode of Lost, the Man-in-Black was mean to Richard. He wouldn’t let him poop where he wanted to poop. He made him wait until he got home. Mean old Man-in-Black. Oh, sorry…meant to say “spoiler alert” there.

  7. cat

    I only let my dog poop once, even though she wants to drop a nugget on every block. People say I’m mean, but I say, only let ’em do what you can (or want to) handle!

  8. Turnbaby

    Yes it’s mean LOL Let that poor girl poop! When walking the puggies we use plastic grocery bags to pick up. They usually go in the fenced backyard and I just use an old garden spade to pick up once or twice during the week they are here.


    We thought Hot Tub Time Machine sounded absolutely lame until we started seeing the trailers–they have done a good job of parsing them out to create anticipation–now it’s on the list.

  9. Hockeymandad

    Bagging dog shit is really gross. I understand the logic, just be careful you don’t do it too much or you might cause a problem.

    I cannot believe RIchard had that 3-way with Kate and Hurley at the sundial, that was wicked gross. Oops sorry, you said no spoilers.

  10. Jay

    I’m going to treat “Hot Tub Time Machine” the same way I did “Superbad” and “The Hangover.” I’m going to publicly mock that movie while watching it online late at night sometime and laugh my ass off. Then, anytime someone mentions it I will again scoff at what ridiculous movie it is.

  11. Grant

    Is the Richard-centric episode of Lost the one where everyone is destroyed by Giant Atomic Chickens™?

    And, yeah, not letting the dog poop is definitely putting your interests ahead of hers. The order should be dog, you, neighbors. So, let her poop but don’t bother to pick it up.

  12. Stacey

    How do you stop your dog from pooping on walks ? As much as I despise picking up dogshit I haven’t managed to be able to stop my dog. When she has to go she has to go.

    My thing is I have to use about 100 of those plastic grocery store bags to pick it up though. I don’t want to feel like I’m really touching it. I know wasteful…but if people want the shit picked up then they will deal with it.

  13. Sybil Law

    I’m pretty sure no one LIKES to clean up dog poop, but if you want to be a dog owner, then fucking carry a bag and let the poor dog go when she needs to! GAH! It won’t kill you!
    Happy Birthday, Andria and Dave2!!
    I still can’t believe you watch Lost!

  14. Dave2

    The fact that my birthday wishes are in the same entry as a steaming pile of dog poop fills me with a joy that I have never known before.

    And that includes the day I was watching my first-born child being born.

    Oh… no… wait a second… I have no children… so I guess this WOULD be my most joyful moment after all! Sweet!

    Thanks for making my birthday be filled with crap! 🙂

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