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Swordless Sunday

Jigsaw in repose

My ex-wife and I share custody of Jigsaw. At our old house (she got the house, I got the company), we have it set up so that Jigsaw can unilaterally go into the backyard through doggy doors in the slider out to the lanai and the porch door itself. Every weekday morning, I go over to the house, open the gate at the side of the house and whistle for her. She jumps in the car enthusiastically and spends all day with me until 5-6, when I bring her back and let her back in the gate, and she goes back in the house and hangs out until my ex-wife gets home from work. This weekend, she’s out of town, so I have her here with me overnight, and it’s nice to have a puppy at home with me. Although, I’m so used to having the whole bed to myself that she and I have been fighting for space every night! I think she knows that we’re not together anymore, and I think she’s adjusting very well to the new dynamic. Plus, she’s like a child of divorced parents – she gets spoiled! Extra walks, extra treats, more toys – it’s like dog heaven!

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31 Replies to “Swordless Sunday”

  1. Selma

    She’s a lovely dog. I am really glad you can get to share custody because it is heartbreaking if you never get to see your beloved pet again after a divorce. She looks so comfy there.

  2. Ashlie- Mommycosm

    I think it’s great you have been able to work out that arrangement. My sister lost custody of her dog in a divorce. She grieved for the dog more than the marriage, lol.

    My parents waited until we were in college to divorce. No special treats and spoils – boo!

  3. whall

    You know what would be awesome? A new puppy for Jigsaw to play with. Go to one of your local pet adoption centers and fork over the $150 or whatever to rescue a dog.

    Don’t worry; they only think it’s cheating the first 10 minutes. Then it’s bark, run, play, run, wrestle, run, sniff, run, pee with each other, run.

    Kind of like how we first met in Vegas.

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