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People I want to be

Tonight, after watching Glee, I sat down to write a post completely unrelated to this topic and “The Professional” came on one of the movie channels. It got me thinking about all of the people I want to be. Now, these aren’t people I aspire to be like – just someone I’d like to be for a day.

  • Leon
  • Jason Statham
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Spike
  • Buffy
  • A Ninja!
  • Corbin Dallas
  • Billy Madison
  • Keith Mars
  • Tina Fey
  • Marty McFly

Who do you want to be?

83 thoughts on “People I want to be”

    1. @B.E. Earl, OH YEAH…? Well, Team Angel is flying to New York this August and is going to kick your Spike loving ass. You actually thought you got away with trash talking, didn’t you? I am EVER VIGILANT, Earl!!

    1. @avatgardener, (I had to think hard about this, never considered who else I could be even for a day)

      Angela (on Bones) again (I was when her age would like to be again!!)
      Jamie Oliver
      Catherine Deneuve
      Bill Pullman, POTUS, Independence Day
      My hubby so i can love me some more!! (is that too creepy??)
      J K Rowling (or Hermoine)

  1. – Hugh Jackman… oh, sorry, I forgot that it’s ‘people I want to BE’, not ‘people I want to DO’. Yeah, I guess I could be him too.
    – Inara
    – Sydney Fox
    – Nigella Lawson
    – Oprah
    – Jennifer Aniston
    – Cordelia

  2. i know this is going to come off all assholish and all, but it is the truth so i’m just gonna say it. i like me and have no desire to be anyone else, even for a day. (sure, i could be a better me, but i still don’t wanna be anyone else.)

    told you i’m an asshole…

      1. @Avitable,
        why would i want to take that spectacular experience away from someone who earned it? nope, i don’t wanna be one of the penguins when they with the stanley cup. although i would totally like to be me at that game!

  3. Marty McFly and Billy Madison for sure!

    Also, Indiana Jones would be fun for a spell, as would Lt John Dunbar and Han Solo.

    And, Atticus Finch during his closing argument at Tom Robinson’s trial.

    If it were for just a few seconds, Todd Anderson when he first stood on his desk and said, “O Captain, My Captain!”

      1. @hello haha narf, nope, I meant you. I think it would be cool to be you for a day – not necessarily because your LIFE is so much better than mine, but I’d just like a chance to see the world the way you do, feel your heart the way you do, etc.

        Although I might update *my* closet that day if there was time. πŸ˜‰

        1. @Miss Britt,
          i laughed so hard on you updating the closet thing! we need to go shopping again.
          and we need to get my hair cut (haven’t had it cut since we went to lisa in october).
          me thinks i need an orlando trip. soon.
          p.s. i also think if you were me for a day you would see my life with your eyes. you’d miss your life rather quickly!

  4. of course i want to be me, but if one day that was no longer possible, these other folks will do:

    Tina Fey
    Sue Sylvester
    Heidi Klum
    Anderson Cooper
    Matt Lauer
    Jon Stewart
    a funny cast member on SNL

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmm corbin dallas.

    kate beckinsale
    shannyn sossamon
    natalie portman
    patricia arquette
    and kelly macdonald as diane coulston because she gets to fuck ewan mcgregor in trainspotting

  6. I’d like to be a couple of different stay at home mom’s that I know so that I could see how the “other half” live….and so I could see for myself if I’m right about them all mostly being a bunch of lazy beasts that don’t do anything but watch tv all day.

    And then I’d want to be Faiqa so I can have my faith in motherhood restored.

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