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I’m leaving this morning to go to Atlanta for a few days, and while I might post while I’m up there, I’m going to leave it open that I might not have the time. Hopefully the world won’t end if I don’t post every day, but who knows? I’d suggest saying good bye to your loved ones and putting your affairs in order, just in case.

If anyone else lives in Atlanta who wants to join us on Sunday night for a little meet-up, let me know!

13 thoughts on “Hotlanta”

  1. I was going to suggest catching The Hurt Locker while in town, but it finally went away. I guess they had to make room for all the various formats of How to Train Your Dragon.

    And I’m hurt that nobody uses the title I proposed for this weekend – Atlanta ni Super Fun Wow Bunnybunnybunnymatsuri 2010. It’s totally memorable and just rolls off the tongue.

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