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Bacon Vodka and the Elvis Burger

I have no fucking clue how the video and audio got so out of sync, but it’s too late to fix it.

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13 Replies to “Bacon Vodka and the Elvis Burger”

  1. Liz Hill

    Oooo interesting burger. I love fried plantains so yum

    I am going to have to track down this bacon vodka and do a proper taste test. I’m thinking it’s best tasted neat. If you want to give it another go I suggest you ask for it with simple syrup and soda. I’ll do a test run for ya.

  2. Toni


    The burger. Not the vodka.

    Actually – the video screwed up with the sound was rather amusing. It was sort of like a old dubbed Chinese flick…but not so Chinese.

  3. B.E. Earl

    Yeah, I’ve been known to make bacon drinks before. But I infuse bourbon or rye with bacon, not vodka. I’m not a fan of vodka, although I hear it makes a tasty bacon drink.

    As for the burger, I saw that on an episode of Man v Food on the Travel Channel. Looked awful then too.

  4. hello haha narf

    were you drunk when you made that video?

    i missed what you thought about the bacon vodka. thumbs up or down? also, i agree with turn, i mean liz…you should try something so unusual as that just plain or with ice. after you get a decent feel for the flavor, then decide what to mix it with. if anything.

    i don’t even like burgers so that elvis burger just creeps me out. glad you enjoyed your meal at the vortex. i’ve always had great experiences there.

    although if you want breakfast with grits that cure any hangover, may i recommend the majestic diner. looks pretty dirty and greasy, but DAMN, the food is spot on and their cheesy grits work miracles on hangovers. every time i go to atlanta there is at least one hangover that nothing but the majestic can fix.

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