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Today’s plan

Today is my free day in Atlanta. I am going to the wedding of my best friend from college tonight, but I have all day to play tourist. I plan on going to the Coke Museum and the Aquarium, but I don’t think that will take all day. Any suggestions?

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20 Replies to “Today’s plan”

  1. thepsychobabble

    I had an embarrassingly large collection of coke memorabilia before I got married. I still have way more than a normal person would:) Take pictures for me! And have fun:) (sorry, I have no suggestions for how to fill the rest of your time, though.)

  2. Clayton Duhl

    I would go to little five points and visit Criminal Records. The owner is Eric Levin, he’s from Ormond and used to own the notorius “Secret Service CDs” that was taken down by the real Secret Service. He also worked at the comic shop back in the day. And! I just checked their website and tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, can’t beat that

  3. fiwa

    I’m with Dave – the CNN tour is pretty cool. I ate at a fantastic Moroccan restaurant in Atlanta years ago – complete with belly dancers, but sadly I cannot tell you the name of it. The belly dancing and the atmosphere were just sooooo cool. Have fun.

  4. muskrat

    the world’s largest oil painting is near my house…it portrays the battle of atlanta and is in grant park, next to the zoo. first exit off i-20 east of 75/85.

    if you like old cemeteries (an odd fascination i have when i visit new towns), the oakland cemetery (also near where i live) has some historic figures buried there and is nice. “six feet under” across the street is good for lunch, too.

    these are the places i took folks who came for my lawschool graduation.

    like dave said, the high is pretty good and is a short walk from your hotel. if you’re into cars, that’s the exhibit going right now. piedmont park is nice for a stroll if it’s not raining.

    tomorrow if you have free time, you can always go by deb’s store, which is next to a great brewery – 5 Seasons on Marietta St.

  5. The Tutugirl

    I can never think of touristy things to do in Atlanta since I grew up there, but make sure you scout out a great place for lunch. Taqueria del Sol is amazing, (there’s one in Decatur, which is a great place to just poke around, and one nearish downtown in a new funky area; take a gander at their website).

    • avatgardener

      @avatgardener, I googled (i’m old) ten things to do in Atlanta: botanical garden just opened a Canopy Walk – – might be crowded, making it a good place to meet “new people” (gals).
      And Over at the Cobb Galleria is a cooking and entertaining show. Paula Deen will be there, tho her luncheon is sold out. I didn’t see a ticket price, but I imagine there will be lots of people and FOOD!!
      I expect lots of pictures.

  6. Grant

    The zoo is okay. There is a statue memorializing our famous ex-gorilla Willie B, and if you wonder what happened to his body there is a snack bar named after him outside of the gorilla habitat. Tasteful on so many levels.

    Or if you venture North up I-75, you can go to the New Echota Cherokee capital where we civilized the indians before stealing their lands and force marching them to Oklahoma. I recommend running naked through the site while screaming “White people rule – take it, native bitches!”

  7. cat

    I love Atlanta! I don’t remember much about the daytime, but I do remember that the nightlife there was off the hook. You should hit up some of the good clubs!

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