16 thoughts on “Boob drums”

  1. “…And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord….”

    Kinda sucks for that couple who hired that DJ/Band because apparently he/they got their credentials from a box of Crackerjack.

    But wait, stop the Muzak!

    Apparently he got a “Mom” tattoo in his box of the Crack Jack that his bride could wear for their wedding night and she got a decoder ring that told her to eat all her Ovaltine.

    Life has a way of working things out. Yeah, that couple is going to make it.

    1. @Employee No. 3699, I meant ‘drink’ her Ovaltine…but maybe they can’t afford milk to mix it with and she’ll have to ‘eat’ it. I know that’s a narrow-minded remark and totally unfit for this blog of this caliber…for this I apologize profusely.

  2. It’s a real bitch finding a great DJ for a wedding (ours liked the volume up, WAY UP) but I have to say – she didn’t even FLINCH! Does he practice on those things? Beat her for hours with hot pokers? She didn’t even change her expression!

  3. I love how she just stands there and takes it. wtf, ha ha! I can only imagine their home life… I’m assuming that’s his wife or girlfriend, anyway…

  4. OMG I can’t believe that! What’s even harder to believe is before he even walked over to her she turned towards him as if she were expecting him to do that.

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