69 thoughts on “Redefining”

  1. Like a chocolate covered almond. Get it? Because chocolate is bad for you and almonds are healthy. Sigh. Nobody understands me. Not since Kurt Cobain died, anyway. Oh, wait, is this one of those times where this is supposed to be about you? But. That’s always so… boring.

  2. Is that what you’ve been doing lately? Unzipping your shell? I was watching True Life yesterday, and a therapist mentioned to someone who had lost a bunch of weight that you have to learn to accept your old you along with your new you in order to reconcile your self image, because they’re both you.

  3. So I know that you’re all like, I dunno, in love with the “new” you and that you’re doing this mainly for the vaginas you want to add to your collection but also for your health and all that but, I just figured I’d remind you that we liked the “old” you too.

    Same Adam, just smaller.

    Or something.


    YAY YOU!

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