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28 Replies to “Box”

  1. MFA Mama

    Well someone already mentioned that Schroedinger’s Cat had gone downhill and made the “coming out joke” and…yes, SciFi Dad has the prison sex anal-ogy (hey-oh!) covered…shit. Um…you finally got inside someone’s box and wanted to brag on your blog without coming right out and saying so? You feel like you’ve been thinking inside the box for so long that you’ve been effectively pithed, like frog? You’re just fucking with all of us? WAIT, IT’S LIKE A RORSCHACT!

    It’s a pussy with teeth. I win!

  2. Employee No. 3699

    You usually ‘comment’ to at least some of your ‘comments’. I didn’t see that here so I’m wondering if you feel like I do at times. Your life (i.e. obligations and expectations) leave you wondering when it’s time for ‘you?’

    I may be way off base, but if that’s the jest of this cartoon let me tell you that you’re young, good looking, funny and intelligent. If I weren’t married…and old enough to me your mother…I’d make a move.

    Then again, I may be way off and you are really in a box. If that’s the case, what does FedEx charge for shipping and where are you going?

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