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Greater Than

Stealing this from Ali who stole it from her friend Kerri:

Buffy > Anne Rice > Sookie > Twilight

Chocolate > Anything

Women > Men

Conversation > IM/Email

U2 > Beatles > Elvis

Superman > Everything

Opening yourself up and being hurt > Walling yourself up and never experiencing anything

Johnny Depp’s Chocolate Factory <= Gene Wilder's Chocolate Factory Good cry > Fake laugh

Good laugh > Anything

Hugs > Handshakes

Swimming > Running

Dogs > Cats

Tan Fat > Pale Fat

Intelligence > Power > Wealth

Jacob > Edward

Beating Ali in WWF > Beating Ali’s daughter in WWF

Someone else’s home cooking > My home cooking

Grocery store bakery birthday cake > Any other type of cake

Anything > Vomiting

Happy Gilmore > Wedding Singer > Billy Madison

Die Hard > Die Hard 4 > Die Hard 3 > Die Hard 2

iPhone > your phone

PC > Mac

Honesty > Comfort

Star Wars > Star Trek

Chrome > Firefox > IE

Google > Yahoo

The Daily Show > MSNBC > CNN > Fox

Boxer briefs > Briefs > Boxers

Shaved > Jungle Bush

B > C > A > D > DD

Eyes > Smile > Ass > Legs > Boobs

Geeks > Nerds

Simpsons > South Park > Family Guy

What about you?

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45 Replies to “Greater Than”

  1. rose the rad sugar

    rocky iv > rocky > rocky ii > rocky iii

    strawberry ice cream > chocolate > vanilla

    sweat pants > jeans

    florida > hell

    smooches > snogging > making out > sloppy wet kisses

    giving your passenger a handy > hands at 10 and 2

    sopranos > all tv

  2. Employee No. 3699

    Loved this…hmm, meme? Or is that totally ‘out’ in the Blogosphere? I don’t have a clue. I’m so totally out of fashion around here lately that for all I know I’m still wearing Jordache Jeans…and they’re high waisted with crap on the back pocket.

    Anyway, though I agree with most of what you have out here, I do have a couple of issues with your list.

    Seriously, Buffy is greater than Anne Rice? Anne Rice is an author and Buffy is a character. Hello? The Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches, The Mummy…and if you’re a fan of Anne, how about ‘A Cry to Heaven’?

    Superman…over ninjas? Where are your priorities?

    Johnny Depp is the fucking authentic maple syrup on a stack of pancakes. He is the Béarnaise sauce on a fillet. He is the whipped cream on…anything. But, Gene Wilder pulled off that role better. It just is what it is.

    An aside, I don’t know if you were referring to Muhammad Ali with WWF, but I actually met one of Muhammad Ali’s daughters. She owned an Italian restaurant in my area, with her husband, and I had the good fortune of meeting her and talking to her at length.

    Other than the above I agree with your list. Do I at least earn a gold star or two?

    • Avitable

      @Employee No. 3699, it’s still a meme. And the Buffy/Anne Rice is about their vampire universes. Anne Rice’s Chronicles are good, but Buffy is much, much better.

      Superman beats everything. And Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder are just different in the roles, but equally good.

      The Ali being mentioned is the one I linked to!

  3. Hockeymandad

    Macs are better than PC. Use one exclusively for a month and you might feel the same. Or better yet, run your Windows on a Mac. It will fail less.

    Other than that, my list would read almost identically to yours except I would add:

    my kids > your kids

  4. cat

    I’m with you on the Star Wars thing, but a lot of people have told me that I’d probably really love Star Trek if I gave it a shot… that I have latent Sci-Fi geek tendencies.

  5. amanda

    Pandora > MP3 Player
    Laughing so hard you cry >= Laughing through the tears
    Sookie > Twilight
    Chapstick > Lipstick
    Funny Men > Wealthy Men
    Icecream > Anything
    Mixed Drink > Beer
    Swimming > Gym > Running
    Piano > Guitar
    College Football > Pro Football > Baseball

  6. J from Ireland

    I love that you love U2, being Irish we take full credit for their sucess. Your totally wrong about Jacob greater than Edward, so wrong there mister avitable. I agree with you on the Chocolate factory movies, both great in their own way.

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