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What a drag

You might think that after going to a drag show at the Parliament House on Saturday night, the most interesting thing that I saw that night would have been the performances.

Or the strange-looking girl who was celebrating her 21st birthday with her two gay male friends and had been going to the drag shows religiously since she was 18.

Or the man in the shiny silver banana hammock dancing on a column in the middle of an almost empty room.

Or the juxtaposition of a hot dog stand being the only food offered.

Or maybe the fat, hairy straight guy whose name rhymes with Shmavitable who was dancing with reckless abandon after a few mai tais.

But no.

The most interesting sight of the entire evening was the Orlando Sisters, a group of men dressed like a combination of nuns from the 1950s and geisha girls, promoting safe sex by handing out condoms to everyone who walked by. And this was compounded by the folded wrapper for the condoms, which came with extremely detailed instructions for preparation and use. Enjoy:

What was the most interesting thing that YOU saw this weekend?

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13 Replies to “What a drag”

  1. GrandeMocha

    Can’t top that!

    My son & I were strawberry picking at an abandoned house in the neighborhood. He scared a duck sitting on her nest. The duck flew up & hit the garage. I’m not sure who was scared more, my son or the duck.

  2. Nenette

    The most interesting thing I saw was the almost-black, rain-vomiting clouds that covered the sky as I was driving back into town on the highway praying I wouldn’t driving into a ditch and kill my 2 kids and me.

    Nice instruction sheet. Funny that some people actually need the diagrams. Frightening that some people would still get it wrong with the diagrams.

  3. Mrs. Hall

    um, does going to the flag day parade count? we take the kids every year and they get all excited because they can wave their mini-flags and dance to the marching bands.

    the local library is one of the groups that march in the parade, they have the library cart brigade that they do these weaving in and out maneuvers. like a group dancing with library carts. so that was cool.

    no condoms were handed out at the parade however.

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