39 thoughts on “Determined”

      1. @Avitable, Yes, silly man, of course I will! Or: you could buy my new book, available wherever books are sold Aug 25, 2010. (You can also borrow it from Britt, since I know she has a copy.) Whichever.

  1. i see a scary face with wild green hair and large teeth about to eat a bunch of penises wrapped in blankets. you see it, too…right? c’mon. it is next to the vagina.
    (this is like those ink blots the doctor makes me look at, right?)

  2. I can’t believe you made a whole raft out of one little palm tree. Amazing. Where did the axe come from? You know you could fashion a canopy out of those palm fronds to provide some relief from the sun and seagull poop when you set sail.

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