33 thoughts on “Finally back to normal”

  1. Will there be a translation for all the drawings later?
    You said that the ending would be MUCH less confusing than LOST, and since I’m still confused, I’m guessing it’s not the ending?

    1. @Becky, lol yeah i’m still waiting. All i can take right now, is being stranded isn’t much different than being home, you still have your ball and a sock you play with, you’re just in air conditioning?

  2. Ok here’s what I’ve come up with. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    You set out to be alone to think. Spent some time alone. Played with a sock and ball. Got bored. Built a boat. Went to Daytona. Came home with a clear head.


  3. Normal is relative and insanity is a cousin. I like the green. It signifies prosperity, but really it just makes me hungry for some odd reason.

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