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Life lessons learned from #BlogHer10.

It’s been drilled into my head many times that you should be able to learn something from every experience and interaction you have with someone else. I used to fight against that notion, but I’ve since learned that it’s true. You can learn something from everyone. The five days I spent in New York City encompass my entire lifetime New York experience, and I walked away bursting with knowledge and life lessons. Not all of them are deep lessons, and some of them are tongue in cheek, but here’s what I learned from this year’s BlogHer conference:

  • If you drop your iPhone on the floor of a karaoke bar, the back may shatter into a million bajillion pieces, and even though that won’t beat the ceiling of the bar falling in for most damage done in one night, it will make you very sad until the amazing Kim helps you out at the Apple store and gets you a replacement for free.
  • A gyro at 4 AM from a street cart is the best food ever.
  • Even though I always thought I’d hate New York, it’s very easy to quickly fall in love with the moving, breathing rhythm of the city. There’s something palpable about the flow of people and cars and the richness of the environment that is immensely appealing and makes me want to pack up and move there.
  • I need to appreciate the fact that I am either egotistical, ignorant, or confident enough to go up and talk to strangers and not feel overwhelmed by a crowd. I admire the courage and strength it must take to approach the crowd when you feel alone, and I don’t think I would be able to do anything except hide in my hotel room if I had to overcome that.
  • A bottle of Grey Goose is totally worth $425 when you’re with a group of friends, old and new.
  • I couldn’t feel prouder of one of my best friends than when she read her post (and made me cry, fucker) at the community keynote.
  • I didn’t think it was possible for me to consume as much vodka as I did, stay up until 4-5 AM every night, wake up at 8 AM every morning, and not fall into some type of coma. And while I think that I hold my liquor well, I should only drink to excess in moderation. Which I totally just made into a T-shirt!.
  • The good intentions involved in bringing my workout equipment to New York City was significantly offset by the reality of eating unhealthy food, drinking unhealthy drinks and not working out at all, in the slightest, in any way possible.
  • Even I can be reduced to schoolgirl giggles sometimes.

  • Men’s bathrooms are bastions of urine-stained floors, gloryholes and gay Senators. Women’s bathrooms are awesome parties.





  • People (in order of appearance, left to right): Megan, Jenny, Katie, Izzy, Jessica

  • No party is complete without a unicorn cake.


  • Unless there are cheeseburgers and beds.




  • CheeseburgHer Party

    People: Bossy, Amy, (help), Britt, (help), Lena, Lindsay, Isabel, me.

  • Ladies love geeks.


  • People: Ali, Jenn

  • Polaroids can still be fun.


  • If you’re thirsty, just stick a straw in the cleavage of the nearest woman and you’ll be instantly refreshed.


  • People: Lotus, Dawn, Jules

  • It’s really pimp to surround yourself on both sides with beautiful women. It’s less pimp to do “pimp hands” when you’re drunk.






  • People: Isabel, Amy, Ali, Metalia, Mishi, Shauna, Jessica, Loukia, Grace, Jules

  • Asians taste like brimstone and cotton candy, but then you’re hungry for more 30 minutes later.


  • People: Anissa

  • If you aren’t somewhere that you can urinate on everything, leave your mark in other ways.




  • People: Faiqa

  • Sometimes, people who were acquaintances in your past life might become people you want to be your friend now.

  • People: Rich, Faiqa, Chris

  • Some people can really pull off the headband look.


  • People: Alli

  • Even though we barely saw each other all weekend, it was tremendously comforting to know that my best friends were there with me.

  • People: Britt, Faiqa

  • Duchess isn’t spelled “Dutchess”!


  • People: Jenn

  • There is always room in your life among your awesome existing friends to make new, amazing friends.









    People: Casey, Bossy, Liz, Angella, Toni, Jenn, Heather, Jessica

You can find the entire Flickr set here. If you weren’t included, it means either that (a) I didn’t have a photo of you regularly available, (b) I’m so tired that I forgot important people, (c) a and b, or (d) I’m just a retard and please forgive me.

This weekend I got to hang out with old friends, put faces with names I’ve known for a while, and make brand new friends. I explored a new city, fell in love with it, and spent as little time in my hotel room as possible. This was one of the best trips I’ve had and the minor complaints I had are far outweighed by the positive experience. I can’t wait for the next conference that I can attend, whether it’s BlogHer 2011 or something earlier, like Blissdom, Mom 2.0, or my next cookout. You’re all invited.

In other Avita-news, today is the birthday of someone I love dearly. She’s inspirational, wonderful, creative, yet pragmatic. And she doesn’t look nearly as old as she thinks she does. Happy birthday, Megan!

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76 Replies to “Life lessons learned from #BlogHer10.”

  1. Kizz

    I’m so glad you fell in love with NYC. I live here and I love the hell out of it every day. It was my first Blogher and I got the feeling that, while a lot of people liked being in New York, a bunch of others thought it sucked the Blogher out of Blogher. So it makes me happy that you got surprised with the love.

  2. Meg

    LOVE the pic of Dawn and Lotus and the straw! I see they carried on like normal without me.

    I wasn’t too jealous about not getting to go until I saw your pictures! Now I realize that #1)I missed a lot of fun, and #2)I need to meet you.

  3. Finn

    $425 for a bottle of vodka? Where you at a strip club?

    We’re going to have to find you a name like LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James) because the ladies clearly love Adam Avitable. We’ll have to work on it.

    Can’t believe you hadn’t been to NYC before. Now I really wish I’d been there to show you around “my” city.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    P.S. – You really look good, do you know that?

  4. Elaine

    I adore all these pictures – thanks for sharing them! Only wish I’d been in one with you but since I wasn’t there this year, yeah… kinda hard to do…

    Hopefully next year! By they way, you are lookin’ good dude!

    And I’m loving that you learned so much! What an experience!! 🙂

  5. Christy @morethanmommy

    I’m such a dork. I knew you looked familiar on that first night, but I couldn’t place you. And unfortunately, I hadn’t gained my bearings enough to introduce myself, even though we stood together for quite some time in the lobby. I’m only comforted by the fact that you didn’t introduce yourself either. 😉 Seems like you had a great BlogHer!

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