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Has Twitter killed blogging? Discuss.

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104 Replies to “Has Twitter killed blogging? Discuss.”

  1. B.E. Earl

    Maybe. I’m still hoping that Twitter will be a fad, or it will turn into something a bit more interesting for those of us who don’t really find it interesting right now. I do know more than a handful of bloggers who have moved onto the 140-character world of tweets and twats and twadoodles. Maybe it’s temporary, I don’t know.

    Blogging a badge of honor. Everyone has a Twitter account. My mother has a Twitter account. Anyone can be a Twitterer. It takes a little something more to be a blogger.

    As it stand now, I prefer blogging and bloggers. Twitter hasn’t killed it or us…yet.

    • Avitable

      @B.E. Earl, that’s what I’m hoping. I think the bloggers who are good at what they do still blog. But I know that I don’t get half the feedback I used to, and that’s always disappointing. The point of this blog is to make people laugh, but how do I know if it actually does if people won’t tell me?

  2. Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

    For me, I find I get twitchy if I don’t write. 140 characters is rarely enough to get me where I need to go. Apparently I have this over-inflated sense of self that drives me to the delusion that I actually have something valuable to say. Shocking, I know.

    That said, Twitter has retrained by brain to get to the point quicker. There is something elegant about having to make your point and shut the hell up. Now if it would just carry over to my blog writing and my comments on other people’s blogs.

  3. Maura

    I’m not sure about blogging, but it’s certainly done a number on commenting on blogs.

    By the way, can I ask how the Twitter bird took out WP & Blogger? I mean, literally. I can’t tell if that’s a gun he’s holding or if he’s just happy to see me.

  4. Robin

    I think Twitter has made people complacent about blogging. It hasn’t killed it and I doubt it ever will completely. For me, twitter has killed Facebook – I rarely go on that thing anymore…too much work.

  5. Dave2

    Depends on the blog. There are so many now where the blogger just isn’t putting the time in to keep their blog interesting. They’re messing around on Twitter or growing frustrated because they aren’t getting feedback from people who used to comment but now spend their time Tweeting instead.

    But there are others who revel in having the freedom to surpass the limitations of Twitter, and are blogging now better than ever.

    And then there are those who are flooding Twitter with multi-tweet messages or other crap that BELONGS on a blog, but aren’t put there. Those people ARE KILLING TWITTER WITH BLOGGING!

    So while blogging has a foot in the grave, I think there are enough people keeping it alive that it will survive for a while longer yet. At least I hope so…

  6. Poppy

    There are still lots of people starting new blogs today.

    So, blogging isn’t dead.

    And my blog’s a WordPress blog.

    And I’m renewing it when the domain name wants to expire.

    And you can’t make me not.

    Another question: What happened to the internet radio show? *point point to sidebar*

  7. Tara R.

    I think that the bloggers who want to continue writing will, but the interaction, the engagement from readers has been affected by Twitter. Twitter is real time and instant gratification, comments or reading blogs take more effort.

  8. John

    Twitter and Facebook combined have killed “light” blogging. If your blog consists of merely updates about where you’ve been and nothing else, you’ve probably moved to twitter, and if 140 characters is too short, 420 may suit you on Facebook. However, for the blogger who actually posts some real content, blogging is the way to go. Actually, this may be a good thing… keep the light content in Twitter, and the real content in your RSS reader.

  9. Faiqa

    This is going to sound mean, but… here goes. If you’re blog is being killed by sporadic 140 char updates, you should revisit choices regarding content. So, Twitter did not kill blogging… it’s an evolutionary mechanism that is going to push out some blogs and push forward others.

    God, that made me sound like a jerk.

  10. Tiffany

    Not *killed* it, but revealed a lot of bloggers who find it easier/more convenient/more in keeping with their thought process to keep to 140 characters. I know quite a few bloggers who have all but fallen off the “blogisphere”, but are active on Twitter. On the one hand, I’m sorry to see the loss of entries; on the other hand, I’m glad they haven’t disappeared completely like a lot of bloggers that I miss.

  11. Krëg

    No more than television killed radio or the Internet killed books. There are still plenty of decent blogs to read, with actual content that can’t be conveyed in 140 characters. I suspect that bloggers who made the leap from that medium to twitter never really had anything interesting to communicate in the first place.

    Further, I suspect twitter will only blunt the writing abilities of most of its users, as it forces the expression of ideas to be truncated. Imagine Macbeth or The Odyssey written on twitter. Actually, don’t imagine. Go here:

    Different formats allow for different writing styles, and while twitter may provide a suitable entertainment platform for Shit My Dad Says, that does not hold true for most other users. Nobody REALLY gives a damn where someone else just had the tastiest burrito or that somebody hates today’s weather. Twitter is far more of a social tool than blogging, but it never really pierces the surface of ANY topic. Real discourse simply cannot be achieved in 140 characters. The most useful dynamic of twitter is the pr/marketing angle, wherein people/corporations can update about their latest deal or happening or blog post. Outside of that, it’s just people filling valuable bandwidth with mindless static.

    Fantastic picture, by the way. You selling prints yet?

    • Avitable

      @Krëg, television, radio, the Internet, and books, are all different media. Twitter is micro blogging. The better analogy is microwaving vs. cooking on a stove.

      I just stuck that photo on a T-shirt today. It’s in my Zazzle store.

  12. martymankins

    I wouldn’t say Twitter has killed blogging (although I like your artist depictions). I would say that Twitter is more a distraction to blogging, then you click the link in a tweet that opens up a new blog post, and wonder “why don’t I blog more?” It’s a vicious circle that has reduced my blog post frequency.

  13. Raging Dad

    Well here’s a crappy deal. I commented here yesterday that I rarely update my blog anymore, and some turd went over to WordPress and figured out that I hadn’t repurchased my domain name since it expired a few days ago… So the jerk bought it and posted spam on it! Now, my blog address is totally stolen.

    I think it is shitty characters like that who make me less interested in continuing blogging. Between the spam comments on blog posts, the number of fake followers on twitter, and URL poachers, it all just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  14. Peau

    I don’t twitter. I don’t get it. The idea of broadcasting little thoughts every moment of the day is a mystery to me. I prefer to write it all in a big chunk, so I still blog. I also facebook. Twitter seems like a watered down version of this.

      • Peau

        @Avitable, really? huh. i thought you had “friends” and only those friends saw your tweets. see, i really don’t know anything, other than i think saying “i just twatted something” is full of yay.

        i think it’s the minutiae. i’m just wagering people want to hear my inane, non-important thoughts about as much as i want to hear theirs. although admittedly my thoughts are better than everybody else’s.

    • Avitable

      @Juli ryan, I think they’re the same media. Twitter is a micro version of blogging. It’s closer to saying that DVD sales are going to kill movie theaters. People use Twitter so much now that in many situations, they’re too lazy to share their reactions to a blog post.

  15. Juli ryan

    I guess that I agree. I still read a lot of blogs. I “Like” a lot of posts in my RSS reader, but I don’t always comment on them. And I also use Twitter for micro-blogging, but I fancy myself a writerly sort. So, I like to think that my stream tells a story. I don’t think most people use Twitter the way that we do. It’s more often used for IMs or promotion.

  16. Katharina

    Oh please. I’m not on facebook, I don’t twitter, I don’t blog. I am a reader. I read and I like it and tend to forget that you can not actually see me reading. And giggling. Occasionally.
    So – I’m telling you now. Ok?

  17. Black Belt Mama

    Yes, I believe it has. . . I mean, seriously. What’s a girl to do when someone unfollows me on twitter and therefore will never see the genius that is my blog, simply because I wrote that I ate wings and bacon cheese fries for dinner last night. Damn you, twitter.

  18. Dan

    To quote myself (because I’m a blogger and therefore incredibly egotistical:

    “If blogging is cocaine then Twitter is crack. They both are addictive but the feedback rush from Twitter is more immediate but also shorter lived.”

    Twitter would never replace blogging for me, I’m too wordy. But it’s certainly taken out a number of exceptional bloggers I know.

    I think blogging may be dying, or at least dramatically shrinking. I’m not sure if the sole responsibility can be lain at the door of twitter, but it is certainly contributing.

  19. tracey

    I read about 20 comments and then got pissed because you have 100 comments on a PICTURE. Ass.

    Moving on. I think Twitter is ok. It’s nice to have a quick update on a FEW people, but mostly I am looking for a conversation and I just don’t get that same feel on Twitter. Also, it’s really easy to find an old conversation on my blog because it’s SAVED FOREVER. Twitter is just piles and piles of teeny notes like a message board on crack. I mainly use it for drunken nights and to link to my BLOG posts, where all the real juice is at.

    • Avitable

      @tracey, not just a picture. An AWESOME picture! 🙂

      My biggest issue with it is the lack of feedback. I write on my blog to get feedback on my blog, because it is permanent and saved. It’s not something that will disappear in a blink of an eye with a hundred updates a second.

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