42 thoughts on “The death of ‘Cathy’”

  1. All great. Especially the last one. I think it’s interesting she could do the comic strip for 34 years- thats a long time. Sheis now 60- a lot changes between 26 and 60. I also thought it was interesting she had an 18 year old daughter. Clayton said “she always did have a hard time with men”. Her art reflected her life I guess.

  2. They need to create some kind of alternate dimension / time loop scenario so we can explore all four endings. In fact, I think the strip should be renamed The Death of Cathy and then it should continue as long as people can think if imaginative ways for her to die. I’m working on something involving marmalade and a weasel right now, but something is lacking.

  3. I’m surpised she didn’t hang herself years ago. You look badass with your blue toenails and shotgun. I want to go on the next hunt…who’s next? Mary Worth?

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