Lady Gaga in her alternative costumes

A breakdown of people who follow @LadyGaGa on Twitter

According to CNN, Lady GaGa is now the celebrity with the most followers on Twitter, with 5,720,931 followers as of yesterday morning.

I thought I’d take a scientific look at the types of people who follow the bizarre performance artist:

Out of 5,720,931 followers . . .

  • 1,012,050 are actual fans who love her music.
  • 321,003 are aspiring drag queens looking for wardrobe ideas.
  • 208 are stalkers waiting for her to slip one time with her address so they can hide in her closet and lick her deodorant.
  • 194,103 are African Americans who thought this was the account for rap sensation Ladeez GiGi.
  • 80,019 are fans of the Royal Family who think that anyone named “Lady” is one of the Royals.
  • 661,341 are waiting for her to announce that she’s finally ready to have sex so that they can offer their services. 228,433 of them are women.
  • 2,399,071 are homeless men paid by record executives to create Twitter accounts to follow Lady GaGa, Ashton Kutcher, and, for some reason, Barbara Walters.
  • 5 are ninjas, but nobody knows that they’re following anyone.
  • 5 are pirates, because they have to copy what the ninjas do.
  • 1,053,126 are social media experts.

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41 Replies to “A breakdown of people who follow @LadyGaGa on Twitter”

  1. B.E. Earl

    “661,341 are waiting for her to announce that she’s finally ready to have sex…”

    Wait? She claims that she abstains? I find that hard to believe. Then again, Lada Gaga could be sitting next to me right now on the couch and I would have no idea who she was. I’ve seen pictures and heard a song or two, but she looks and sounds different every time.

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