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The movies that make me cry like a little baby.

Over at MamaPop, The Palinode wrote a post discussing the top ten movies that made men cry.  Most of them were movies that I’d never seen, like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “The Iron Giant” (and don’t recommend I see it – I know I’ll hate it.  I hate Brad Bird.), “Midnight Cowboy”, “Shane”, and “House of Flying Daggers”, so I decided to make my own, highly subjective list (REPLETE WITH SPOILERS):

5. Armageddon

When Harry, played by Bruce Willis, stays behind to detonate the nuke on the asteroid, the goodbye scene between him and his daughter, played by Liv Tyler, and his resulting death scene always make me misty-eyed.

4. Toy Story 3

I’ve seen this movie three times and every fucking time that Andy realizes that Woody is in the box he’s giving to the little girl, I start bawling.  Every. Fucking. Time.

3. Juno

While there were a couple of parts in this film that had me feel like there was something in my eye, the final birth scene until Pauly shows up is just an emotional roller coaster resulting in TEARS, people.

2. Spider-Man 2

I can’t explain it. During the scene where he is fighting Dr. Octavius on the train, and he uses all of his strength to stop the train from plummeting into the water, Spider-man passes out. Right before he falls face forward, the train passengers reach forward and catch him, then carry him inside and take care of him.  For some reason, that scene always gets to me.

1. New Moon

Yes.  I know.  Suck my nuts.  Whether it was due to the fact that I watched that movie originally during a low point in my life or the excellent writing and acting (ha!), the scene in the end where Edward and Jacob are both trying to make Bella decide between them is heart wrenching and sob-inducing.

There might be others.  I know there are scenes in other movies where I can feel the possibility of getting teary, but they usually move on so quickly that I recover without any leakage.  What movies make you cry like a little baby?

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156 Replies to “The movies that make me cry like a little baby.”

  1. Sybil Law

    Hahahahahahaha New Moon! And why should your nuts get rewarded for your mangina?!

    The one movie that came to my mind was Terms of Endearment. That scene where Debra Winger says goodbye to her kids.
    Also, E.T.
    The Godfather III – because it sucked so HARD.

  2. Amanda

    haha New Moon. Even I didn’t cry at a twilight movie. I do cry at most Pixar movies, especially Up (obviously) and Toy Story 3, Any Nicholas Sparks movie where someone inevitably dies but especially the Notebook, and Big Daddy where Julian says he won’t play the kangaroo song anymore.

  3. palinode

    Just to give credit where all that credit is due – I co-wrote that post with Charlie Downs. He took nos. 10-6 and I did 5-1.

    Did you say that you hate Brad Bird? What in the name of living fuck? Maybe the Ayn Rand stylings of The Incredibles was a bit offputting – but Ratatouille and The Iron Giant are so good that watching them feels like getting high. High on cartoons.

    The Spiderman 2 moment was genuinely touching. Raimi made his hero oh-so human in that moment. It showed that he depended on the people whom he had decided to protect – that they were worth protecting. In short, that scene dramatized the reason that we like superheroes. Not because we want to be them, but because we believe that we are worth that kind of superhuman attention.

    • Avitable

      @palinode, yes, I can’t stand Brad Bird. I’ll give you that Ratatouille wasn’t too horrible, but it’s about RATS AND FOOD. The Incredibles was utter shit and that turned me off of ever seeing The Iron Giant. I can’t imagine that I’d like it.

  4. Loukia

    Are you really Team Jacob? I was, 90%, for most of Eclipse.

    Too many movies make me cry. Legends if the Fall, House of Sand and Fog, American History X, Gladiator, Bambi, abd every Disney movie where a parent always dies, Godfather III, when Sophia Coppola dies in front of her father – GOD!!! And a million more I can’t remember right now.

  5. B.E. Earl

    I’ll give you those moments in Armageddon and Spider-Man 2. They got to me as well. I thought Juno was just so-so, and I haven’t seen the other two.

    It’s not a movie, but every time I watch the Buffy Episode “The Body” I cry. Sometimes I put it on specifically because I need to cry. Yeah…

  6. Superjules

    Dude. I am ONLY okay with that last one because you qualified it by saying that you watched it during a low time in your life. Because, brother, do I ever understand that.
    In difficult times in my life I cried during episodes of Teen Mom and Friends and once because they ran out of bacon at Quizno’s.

  7. Kimberly

    New Moon??? I think I might be a little bit embarrassed for you.

    The only one your list that I’ve seen is Juno. I don’t remember if it made me cry, but I liked it A LOT! I’m a totally a crier… tv, movies, commercials. Schindler’s List and The Pianist made me ball. So did PS I Love You, Stepmom, and Freedom Writers.

  8. Karin

    Team Jacob? Hmmm…. I cried in stupid Toy Story 3 too. Love, Actually makes me cry every time I watch it and of course the old standby, Steel Magnolias. I go through oodles of tissues watching movies. I am a huge cry baby!

  9. Zak

    1. Beaches. This movie kills me.

    2. Bridges Of Madison County. I love this movie always.

    3. Dirty Dancing. Don’t judge.

    4. Affair To Remember. Sads all over the place.

    5. Cool Hand Luke. When Paul Newman is locked up and finds out his mother has died and he sits on his bunk and plays the banjo and sings? There is nothing more devastating.

    P.S. Team Jacob, fuck yeah.

  10. Tina

    You had me until New Moon. Though, admittedly, I Have Not seen it. I watched Twilight, it was enough.

    P.S. I Love You … KILLS me.
    The Notebook, when they lie down together to die? SOBS.
    Knocked Up
    most of the dog movies: Old Yeller, Snow Dogs, Where the Red Fern Grows
    Episodes of:
    Animal Hoarders

    honestly? I am really emotionally and end up crying at a lot of movies. I HATE when people are mean to one another in movies and I cry, a lot. District 9 was murderous. Any kind of movie where people are oppressed? I am a mess.
    Extreme Home Makeover

  11. briya

    Okay. I’m going to admit that I cry A LOT at movies. A short list:
    Steel Magnolias
    The Notebook
    The Reader
    The Hurt Locker ( I cried so hard in the first 1o minutes that I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the movie)
    I also want to tell you that if your town does an Oscar Movie Showcase (where they show every Oscar Best Picture nominee), and they should…GO. Just bring the tissue. For reals.

  12. Cort (Modern Super Momma)

    Yes. I, too, am a movie crier. To be honest, commercials and country songs can fuck me up. Oh, and picture/movie montages – like they used to do on Full House showing the girls growing up. (Dude, I seriously just teared up typing that!)

    Of course, all of the above made me cry – minus Spiderman 2 – haven’t gotten to that one yet. I’ll prepare the tissues.

    I saw New Moon when I was 14.5 months pregnant, so I was an OBVIOUS wreck in the theater. I’m with you on Jake – Edward’s a dick. 🙂

  13. Elizabeth @ Table for Five

    Toy Story 3, Beaches, Steel Magnolias,Stepmom, Love Actually (my husband tears up at that one too) – all tearjerkers.

    I can’t believe nobody mentioned Forrest Gump! That scene where he’s talking to Jenny’s grave? Big ugly cry the first time, lump in throat and tears in eyes every single time after.

  14. amanda

    WHY did you hate the Incredibles? I thought is was clever. Kids like it, parents aren’t bored brainless during it. What’s the problem?
    You are spot on about Armageddon though.

    The Fox and the Hound upset me so much as a child that, to this day, I refuse to watch it. I know it’s one of the few Disney Moview where some character doesn’t die, but the childhood trauma lives on in my heart.

    My Life with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. I had to sit in the car and compose myself enough to drive after that one.

    Forest Gump…when Jenny dies…come on now that’s tender stuff. Even if I hate the movie as a whole.

    I am Sam…tear jerker.

    And really Terms of Endearment…”Give my daughter the shot!!” – Honestly I don’t even have to watch the whole movie, just that scene and I’m bawling.

    I hate to cry over my actual life but I love when a movie, book or piece of music can make me cry.

    • Avitable

      @amanda, I haven’t seen “My Life” in a long time. I remember thinking it was sad as a kid, though. I should watch it again.

      “The Incredibles” was poorly written and in serious need of editing. The pacing was miserable and it felt two-dimensional, which was unusual for a Pixar film.

  15. Stacey

    You mean when I’m not rife with hormones because then every movie makes me cry. Lets see…the ending scene of Precious. The scene in Losing Isiah where the little boy is pulled from his adoptive mom. The scene in Hope Floats where the little girls is upset when her dad leaves without her.

    Hmm…noticing a theme about what in movies makes me cry.

  16. Lynn @ Walking With Scissors

    I Am Sam. My Sister’s Keeper (until the end where they changed it from how the book went, then I just got MAD), Beaches, Phenomenon (yeah, I’m a loser), Steel Magnolias and the original A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge discovers the error of his ways and goes to make amends with his family. I sob like a baby EVERY time.

  17. Lisa

    You really should watch Steel Magnolias. It’s full of awesome lines like “her ass looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket!” Plus the scene with Sally Field near the end makes me lose it every time.

    Other movies that made me cry:
    Forest Gump
    It’s My Party
    Dead Poet’s Society
    Top Gun (hate the rest of the movie, but when Goose dies and his wife is all “God, he loved flying with you.” I lose it.
    Brokeback Mountain
    The Green Mile
    Joy Luck Club
    Fried Green Tomatoes

  18. Ren

    That stretch of Spider-Man 2, from the point where Peter is sitting with MJ when Doc Oc attacks, to the scene you mention is by far my favorite superhero sequence from any movie. But then, The Incredibles is one of my favorite superhero movies, so obviously my opinion is suspect. 🙂

    Oh, and you should totally see The Iron Giant, if for no other reason than that I had to suffer through it as my kids watched it on countless car trips. Fair is fair.

    Watching any episode of BTVS makes me a bit emotional just because it’s over. 🙁

  19. mwork

    i love it!
    i’m totally team jacob, too.
    unless we can make a team jasper bc i totally want to sit on his gorgeous constipated face.
    can i possibly suggest a movie? if you haven’t seen it, check out The Time Traveler’s Wife. of course, it’s based on a book and the book is soooo much better. In fact, the book had me in tears for about three days but movie also made me grab the kleenex.

  20. Jenn

    Me and SisterMerry. Old.Fucking.Yeller and any other movie where the dog dies. You shoulda seen me try to watch “The Butterfly Effect”. You can maim and kill people all you want, but leave my dogs alone. And “Up”. I cried the whole first 20 minutes. I think I might need therapy.

  21. Katy

    I Am Legend
    Marley and Me
    The Journey of Natty Gann
    Old Yeller (duh)
    Bridge to Teribithia
    Amazing Grace and Chuck (which is one of my favorite movies of all fucking time and it’s NOT EVEN OUT ON DVD! Fuckers.)

  22. Peau

    Reflecting back, the hardest I cried at a movie was — wait for it — The Wrath of Khan. I know, I know. Ridiculous! But Spock in that sealed off tube, giving his life of one for the many? Sobbed. SOBBED. Made a fool of myself and sobbed some more. Oh, jettisoning that pointy eared bastard off into space, to that planet (WHERE HE WOULD LIVE AGAIN) — the Scottish pipes — I was a fool for it.

    Oh, and The Outsiders.

    Poor Johnny. Let’s do it for him!

  23. Jen

    But what about the part in Toy Story 3 where they’re headed for the furnace and they all decide to hold hands? Augh, it gets me weepy just thinking about it.

    I don’t care if it’s sappy, Titanic makes me sob and sob and sob. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Much.

  24. Neeroc

    At the risk of my husband finding out I’m not a cold-hearted bitch (really it’s a term of endearment):
    Dirty Dancing
    Charlotte’s Web
    Big Fish
    Sling Blade

    And oh holy crap, someone should have warned me about Up. Now admittedly I tried to watch it a month after having a miscarriage, because I DIDN’T KNOW, but ya, couldn’t get past the intro.

  25. Sunny

    If there’s anything remotely emotional in a movie, I’ll tear up. I even tear up at previews so I have to be careful when I’m watching things if I want to try to look like a sane adult. The most recent movie I cried at was The Iron Giant, which my youngest has recently discovered on Netflix instant watch and watches 2-3 times a day. 2-3 times a day and the ending STILL makes me tear up. There is no immunity in repetition. Some other movies I have teared up at: Braveheart, Spirit, Up, Dragonheart, Where the Red Fern Grows, Black Beauty (the one with Sean Bean), the Princess and the Frog, Toy Story 3, etc etc etc.

  26. pocketct

    The house of sand and fog made me weep for about an hour after. no.lie. It was beyond a tear jerker.
    also ET, old yeller, mysic river, steel magnolias, fried green tomatoes, broke back mountain all made me cry. But I think that may be the whole list. I don’t cry for movies all that much.

  27. Poppy

    I’ve only seen Toy Story 3 twice, but cried both times at that same point. I cried the first time during the scene when everyone realized they couldn’t get out of the molten lava incineration, but the second time I just got choked up.

    I don’t think any of those other movies made me cry.

  28. JD at I Do Things

    BWAH HA HA HA! I wondered where your wang was. It obviously disappeared with your balls.

    Seriously, I cry like a baby during that Ikea commercial where the lady dumps her lamp outside. It’s cold and rainy, and the poor lamp is just sitting at the curb with the trash. WAHHHH!

  29. Kirsty

    Oh wow, there are sooooo many (I can cry during commercials, TV reality shows… just about anything, really), but my absolute guaranteed tear-jerkers are:
    Breaking the Waves (provokes full-body sobbing usually)
    An Officer and a Gentleman (corny, sure, but oh, the ending!)
    The Seed and the Sower (the tears well up when I hear the soundtrack…)
    The Deerhunter
    Beaches (even just hearing the song can make me sob)
    …and just about every other film with either a happy or sad ending (which narrows it down a lot, right?).
    And don’t get me started on the songs that can make me cry, we’ll be here all night…

  30. Julie

    @Alex So you’re the other person who remembers Savannah Smiles! I like to bawl over the end of Smoke. When I was younger I used to watch Stand By Me over and over and cry but that was probably the raging hormones.

  31. Miss

    Yup. That scene in Armageddon gets me every single time.

    Selena – when the doctor comes out and tells them she is dead and they are all crying? TEARS. Anything when a spouse dies and reaction to such, TEARS.

    One scene in The Notebook but I don’t know if you watched that yet.

    Fried Green Tomatoes, when Idgie is saying goodbye to Ruth. Tears for days.


    I cried my face off during Toy Story 3. Especially at the end. OMG I just couldn’t deal with that. I grew up on those movies and my son LOVED them and having it all come to an end… oh I cried.

    I’m a crier. Big time. Glee makes me cry. So does One Tree Hill.

    There’s more. I’ll remember and tell you eventually.

  32. Zanthera

    I cry and boy I get embarrassed. I think I am so embarassed I don’t remember them all (my subconscience will not let me) except for “Up” and the damn one I swore I wouldn’t cry but did. The one where I have the same name as the bloody dog. Hate having a pet friendly name.

  33. Amira

    Oh with Armageddon? I cry just knowing that scene is coming up and then get into my ugly-sobbing-snotty cry when the scene actually arrives.

    Also, the Lion King. I know, shut up, but Mufasa was the shit.

    “Dad? Dad? Are you okay, dad?” But he’s dead. *ugly cry*

  34. metalmom

    “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” When the parents realize that their own son is in the gas chamber with the little Jew boy, it is a horror of epic proportions for me. Tear, snot, sobbing and chest aching. It’s a powerful movie.

    And OMG! Buffy saying “Mom?” does it every time for me too.

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