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Musicals you know you wouldn’t want to see from the title

There was a meme running through Twitter over the weekend called #sadmusicals.  I’m not sure how it started, but the amusing result was a list of well-known musical titles slightly tweaked to be a more depressing version.  For example, maybe instead of “Grease”, someone would put “Grease Fire”, which is, obviously, “Grease”‘s darkly humorous, less upbeat relative.

I thought I’d just move this idea from Twitter to a blog post and come up with my own, and now I’m tweaking the concept from “Sad Musicals” to “Musicals you know you wouldn’t want to see from the title”:

  • A Chorus Line to the Bathroom With Explosive Diarrhea
  • Beauty and the Bestiality
  • Chlamydia Jane
  • Came A Lot
  • Cat Ladies
  • Peeping Tom on the Roof
  • Funny Uggo
  • Fuck Off, Dolly
  • Jesus Christ Scheisse Star
  • Joseph and the Amazingly Itchy and Oozing Infection
  • Haircut
  • Little Shop of Plants
  • A Star is Born and Then Fizzles and Dies Quickly
  • Meet Me in East Saint Louis
  • My Fair Drop Dead Fred
  • Mortgage
  • Seven Glory Holes for Seven Brothers
  • Shitfaced in the Rain
  • The Nigerian Prince and I
  • The Smell of Music
  • The Anal Rape of Oz
  • West Texas Story
  • Only Occasionally Wicked but I Usually Feel Bad and Apologize
  • Rocky Mountain Oyster Horror Picture Show
  • The Fat Man of the Opera

47 thoughts on “Musicals you know you wouldn’t want to see from the title”

  1. Musicals that I’m feeling especially connected to and super shitty about:
    Hair loss

    But now I’m smiling so I’m ready to get over my damned self and get on with things and isn’t it funny how pounding out a blog post and reading someone else’s can do that for a girl? Or, a boy, as it were?

    All hail the mighty bloggers.

    Thanks, dude. You rock.

  2. How about The Whizz ~ or did someone do that already? (it’s too easy I think)

    Or maybe “Guys and Blow-up Dolls”? no?

    “Meet Me In East St. Louis”? That sounds scary. Be sure to include Gina’s Drive-Thru Liquor Store and a coupla male ho’s hanging outside of Faces nightclub ~ the girl ho’s hang out down the street at the pawn shop as they sing “Meet me in East St Louie, Louie, meet me if you dare….”

    Very few horse-drawn carriages would be involved and no one would be carrying a parasol.

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