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Musicals you know you wouldn’t want to see from the title

There was a meme running through Twitter over the weekend called #sadmusicals.  I’m not sure how it started, but the amusing result was a list of well-known musical titles slightly tweaked to be a more depressing version.  For example, maybe instead of “Grease”, someone would put “Grease Fire”, which is, obviously, “Grease”‘s darkly humorous, less upbeat relative.

I thought I’d just move this idea from Twitter to a blog post and come up with my own, and now I’m tweaking the concept from “Sad Musicals” to “Musicals you know you wouldn’t want to see from the title”:

  • A Chorus Line to the Bathroom With Explosive Diarrhea
  • Beauty and the Bestiality
  • Chlamydia Jane
  • Came A Lot
  • Cat Ladies
  • Peeping Tom on the Roof
  • Funny Uggo
  • Fuck Off, Dolly
  • Jesus Christ Scheisse Star
  • Joseph and the Amazingly Itchy and Oozing Infection
  • Haircut
  • Little Shop of Plants
  • A Star is Born and Then Fizzles and Dies Quickly
  • Meet Me in East Saint Louis
  • My Fair Drop Dead Fred
  • Mortgage
  • Seven Glory Holes for Seven Brothers
  • Shitfaced in the Rain
  • The Nigerian Prince and I
  • The Smell of Music
  • The Anal Rape of Oz
  • West Texas Story
  • Only Occasionally Wicked but I Usually Feel Bad and Apologize
  • Rocky Mountain Oyster Horror Picture Show
  • The Fat Man of the Opera

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47 Replies to “Musicals you know you wouldn’t want to see from the title”

  1. Lora

    Musicals that I’m feeling especially connected to and super shitty about:
    Hair loss

    But now I’m smiling so I’m ready to get over my damned self and get on with things and isn’t it funny how pounding out a blog post and reading someone else’s can do that for a girl? Or, a boy, as it were?

    All hail the mighty bloggers.

    Thanks, dude. You rock.

  2. Moon HalloranLeady

    How about The Whizz ~ or did someone do that already? (it’s too easy I think)

    Or maybe “Guys and Blow-up Dolls”? no?

    “Meet Me In East St. Louis”? That sounds scary. Be sure to include Gina’s Drive-Thru Liquor Store and a coupla male ho’s hanging outside of Faces nightclub ~ the girl ho’s hang out down the street at the pawn shop as they sing “Meet me in East St Louie, Louie, meet me if you dare….”

    Very few horse-drawn carriages would be involved and no one would be carrying a parasol.

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