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She emerged from the womb with bon mots flying @metalia

Today is the 30th birthday of one of the funniest bloggers on the Internet, Metalia (the one not wearing the cool glasses or with the beard).

In honor of her thirtieth birthday, here are 10 reasons why you should read her blog and follow her on Twitter:

  1. She raps, and does it well.
  2. Her kids puke so much that you’ll appreciate your children even more.
  3. Metalia looks 16, so it’s even funnier when she lets loose with a “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!”
  4. She drinks whiskey like Don Draper.
  5. Her TV obsession is almost as ridiculous as mine.
  6. I’m totally jealous of her Ninja Turtle Snuggie.
  7. Ninjas!
  8. She perpetuates the stereotype that Jewish New Yorkers are hilarious.  Mel Brooks should be proud.
  9. Metalia manages to embrace her religion, raise her children, blog frequently, go to conferences, and maintain a large readership without courting controversy for controversy’s sake, speaking negatively about anyone (unless the fucker spoils a TV show on Twitter, but that’s understandable), or being cliquey, snooty, or anything other than wonderful.
  10. Because I said so!

Happy birthday, Metalia.  L’chaim!

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