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Friends of Avitable II: Finn

Finn writes the best blog that nobody reads, and this needs to change.  She is an old soul, full of insight and wit.  Every post of hers that I read makes me think, laugh, or inspires me. While many bloggers are writers, she was a writer well before she was a blogger, and it shows with every phrase.

Finn doesn’t court controversy.  You’ll never read any posts that capitalize on tragedy.  If you didn’t know her well or read her for a long time, you wouldn’t even know that she’s raising a disabled child.  She is one of the unique bloggers out there who manages to be a mom while fully and completely maintaining her own identity.  And she is one amazing human being.

Are you ready to enrich your blogging experience?

P.S.  She’s also a photographer and captures beauty with her lens just as much as with her words.

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