54 thoughts on “Sunday funnies”

        1. @Poppy, I find pigs to be relatively clean – they have to roll around in dust because they have no sweat glands, but they’re clean animals overall. I would rather have a pig as a pet than other animals – they’re the smartest land animal other than monkeys!

  1. Bloom County is a most excellent comic strip. I had all the books when I was in HS. Then in college I was on the Marching Band newspaper (yes, we had one of those. we were band geeks.) and the staff drew from my vast array of Bloom County books and just changed the captions to make it funny and relevant to what we were doing that issue. (Trip to UF-UT game, Practice jokes….) I highly approve!

    Those are boxer briefs, right?

  2. Do you really work in your underwear??

    However, I was shocked to see an AHA drawing with anything covering your manhood. Usually you let that all hang out. LOL!

    And where do you work that all your staff are animals and you’re the only human? Sounds like my work.

  3. I didn’t even notice the toes, mainly because I was distracted by the boxer briefs so that shows you what I’m looking for/at. (I need therapy).
    Also, can I work for you? Oh, wait, someone already asked that. Story of my life, day late, dollar short.

  4. How flexible are you with drinking occasionally on the job? I am interested in working for you, the movies and the naps pretty much sealed it. However, at my current job I am allowed to have a drink in the evening while I finish my work. I’m not sure if I can just walk away from that.

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