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It’s not about gay teens committing suicide. It’s about committing suicide for the WRONG REASONS.

While it’s not a new epidemic, there has been a rash of bullying leading to teen suicides recently, most markedly among gay teens.  There’s been a recent movement called “It Gets Better“, which uses first-person testimonials from real adults trying to let gay teens know that life does get better.  In addition, Wednesday was “Spirit Day” and people were encouraged by GLAAD to wear purple to show their support.

Teens who are struggling with their sexuality need to understand that bullying comes from fear and cowardice and that suicide is not the answer.  I’m glad that there are movements to educate and inform, but I feel like there’s a gap in the communication.  What about the times when a gay teen SHOULD commit suicide?  That’s where I come in.

It’s a good reason to commit suicide if . . .

  • Gossip Girl didn’t record and you cannot go to school tomorrow without knowing what happened to Chuck.
  • You showed up to school dressed the exact same as the gross school nerd.
  • For your birthday, your dad accidentally got you tickets to Larry the Cable Guy instead of Lady Gaga.
  • Your mother said no makeup until you’re 16 and shave your goatee.
  • Because Bella chose Edward.
  • Your parents made you wear pleated pants out to dinner and you ran into the school gossip.
  • Starbucks is out of the low fat pumpkin lattes.
  • You still have a flip phone instead of an iPhone.
  • People just won’t leave Britney alone!

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46 Replies to “It’s not about gay teens committing suicide. It’s about committing suicide for the WRONG REASONS.”

  1. Loukia

    Okay, if my PVR didn’t record Gossip Girl? And I missed a week of Chuck Bass? I’d totally freak the fuck out too.

    You know what really bothers me? How all these rich kids on GG still use flip phones. WHO ARE THEY? Where are their smart phones?

    “Because Bella chose Edward” – in my world, she’s still with both of them. Shh. Eclipse totally almost made me switch teams.

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