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Topics we’ll never see at a blogging conference

Inspired by two recent posts.

Blogging Conferences
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81 Replies to “Topics we’ll never see at a blogging conference”

  1. NYCWD

    What? No photography lectures at blogger conferences now? What do they think, it should be all words???

    Well that settles it.

    I’m DEFINITELY not going to any women blogger conferences in 2011.

    Just sayin’.

    BTW nice drawing… your evolution as an artist is inspiring in a totally non-afterschool special way.

  2. Jen

    Thank you for putting it right out there and saying who it was that was doing the who penis picture thing. I was reading lots of “we all know who it is but let’s not say it out loud” type of stuff but I had no idea who people were talking about. I like things spelled out for me. Preferably in cartoon form.

  3. Jen

    Is there something wrong w/ me that I feel bad for the guy? I feel more strongly for what he did wrong, what Karen and others have had to go thru. I’m not saying in any way he wasnt in the wrong but I just keep thinking of the huge fallout this *will* cause. Marriage, Family, Oakley, Publishing. I hope he gets help, can learn from his errors and make amends.

    *I think how Karen handled it is just fine for the circumstances. I would hope that WHEN he makes amends (please god, i hope he tries), that will also be published.

    • Avitable

      @Jen, I feel bad for him because I think he’s seriously fucked in the head. Any fallout, though, is completely his responsibility. I’ve seen his earlier attempts at amends, though, and they’re almost sociopathic in nature, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything genuine.

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