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Who wants a Christmas card?

I took a year off from sending out Christmas cards, but I’m starting early this year and I’m in the giving spirit. Well, in the sense that I’m only giving Christmas cards. No gifts. Just cards.

Don’t assume I already have your address! I’m starting over with an empty address book, and need to rebuild it from scratch. So, if you’re brave enough to get a Christmas card from yours truly (here are some previous cards), fill out the form below. As long as you live somewhere on this planet and you give me a valid address, you’ll get a card!

And if you are feeling the holiday spirit and want to bless a lonely, single man who is celebrating his first Christmas alone with gifts or cards, leave a comment below and I’ll email you my address.

If I was able to give gifts this year, I’d give 12 days of prezzies:

Twelve stupid parodies
Eleven horrifying stories
Ten toes all pretty
Nine rants full of swearing
Eight dead interviews
Seven funny posts a week
Six embarrassing photos
Five drunken tweets
Four karaoke songs
Three video posts
Two Avitaballs
And a drawing of a naked fat man.

96 thoughts on “Who wants a Christmas card?”

  1. Is your addy the same as the one you sent out when you first moved on Jan 21st, 2010? If so, I still have that one. If not, please send the new addy. I may actually have time to be able to send cards this year! Yay for quitting my job!

  2. Here’s the thing. I REALLY stink at remembering to get cards out. Like I’m TOTALLY horrible. But, if you would like to be added to the list of “I swear this will be the year I send out cards to these people!”, I’d love to add you to it:p

  3. We are the people who have our cards in the mail the last day of November so they always arrive on December 1st. I will totally send you a card and send you some Christmas love…

  4. You scare me (in a good way) so I won’t be sending you MY address – however, please send me yours 😉 I will add you to the list of people I always intend to send cards to but never do (cause I’m lazy, forgetful and people just throw them away).

  5. As another newly-single, lonely adult, I’d love to send you a Christmas card from La Belle France (not that the French are particularly known for sending out Christmas cards, but I’ll find something), so please send me your address!

      1. @Lynda, Yep! I take a family photo Thanksgiving (when we’re with extended family and someone else can take the photo), upload that sucker and get a basic photo card. They send you however many you want, with envelopes. It’s awesome! You can also pick your design.

  6. Will totally add you to my Christmas card mailing list. And… I’ll send you a card if I ever get myself together enough to order them.
    : )

    (I’m now very curious to see how many cards you get this year.)

  7. Every time I try to send you my address, I get “error on the page” and the form doesn’t (as far as I can tell) send… I have asked you for your address, though, so can I send mine in response to yours? I really would love a card from you – and promise to send one from sunny (the sky is battleship grey today, but it was glorious yesterday) France…
    Have a great Sunday!

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