31 thoughts on “Protesting on the Internet (Or, what I should have posted yesterday instead of writing about pedophiles)”

  1. ok I admit, it was me…I farted…I’ve been feeling really gassy all day ~ so blame me for making the chili last night ~ good thing the interwehbs doesn’t have a “smell” function and yay for that….I’m sure y’all would agree

    And Adam? You are sooooooo on the money with this. Imma call you Mr. Money Shot, would that work for you?

    PS I get sick of it all too sometimes ~

  2. Hahahaah!
    After I read the latest internet protest about Amazon, read blog posts and comments on blogs and Amazon, this seriously made me laugh out loud!…LoL

    Thanks for posting it!

  3. You just threw in the word “pedophile” because you’re an attention whore and you hope to duplicate yesterday’s flood of comments.

    And I’ve decided that my catch-all protest sign will be “Down with that sort of thing!”

  4. I WANT SWAG — haha! I can’t believe rather than spend my time on 5th Avenue I was in the freaking Expo Hall getting free tortillas! DAMN IT! But, whatever. Expo Hall was fun too. Loved this!

    And – Happy Birthday, Toni! xo

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