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The 2010 Avitable Holiday Gift Guide

It may seem weird for me to post a gift guide after writing a post last week about feeling very Grinchy, but I don’t want everyone to have a bad holiday season.  I just don’t feel like celebrating it myself!  I’m still a rampant consumer and have some insight into the best gifts to get for the people in your life.

For the geek:

Looxcie wearable camera:

The Looxcie wearable camera connects with your Android phone and allows you to record three hours at a time, save the last 30 seconds of recording as a clip to send to Facebook or a pre-determined email address, and also operates as a bluetooth earpiece.

The largest AT-AT ever made

At over 2 feet tall, this is the largest AT-AT action figure ever made! What else could you possible need to know?

For the reader:

The Kindle

I can’t recommend the Kindle enough. It honestly feels like a book and reads like a paperback. Even if you’re one of those people who loves the smell and texture of reading a real book, you’ll be won over. I was just like that, and I can’t believe how much I love my Kindle. There’s something nice to being able to hold over 1,500 books in your hand, too.

Authors I recommend as well: Lee Child, Robert B. Parker, Dennis LeHane, Carl Hiaasen, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert Crais, John Sandford

40: A Doonesbury Retrospective

Arguably one of the best comic strips ever, Doonesbury’s best strips are collected in this hardcover volume filled with tons of extras.

For the movie buff:

Alien Anthology on Blu-ray

Any movie buff has to have a Blu ray player by now (if not, buy them this one), and the Alien Anthology will be an excellent addition, or start, to their collection.

Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray

Any movie geek worth his or her salt will appreciate the 25th anniversary Back to the Future Blu-ray set, complete with new extras.

For your son or daughter:

The Harry Potter Chess Set

Based on the chess set from the first movie, the Harry Potter chess set could get your child, who now has a renewed interest in reading thanks to JK Rowling, interested in something other than a DS, Wii, or PS3! And if you’re a real wizard, the pieces move on their own.

Apple iPod touch

It’s cheaper than an iPad, more expensive than a DS, but the iPod touch might be the perfect gift for your tween or teen. I wish I had one when I was a kid.

These are all items that I stand behind completely, because most of them are items I want, too! Don’t believe me? I even have them on my wishlist.

Do you know of a cool gift that I didn’t mention and might want to buy for myself? Let me know in the comments!

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51 Replies to “The 2010 Avitable Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Moon HalloranLeady

    You have expensive, yet exquisite taste, my man. I normally buy most of my Xmas gifts from the Dollar Store, and barring that…they get a candy bar from the gas station, if they’re lucky.

    I ain’t cheap, though….just po’

    How I would love love love to hand my 18yo reading fiend of a son a Kindle ~ aw wow ~ that would be so kewl but it ain’t no gonna happen

    Also love the AT-AT ~ too funny ~ and Beloved was just wild of the BTTF 25 yr edition ~ he’s a real fan

    Glad to see you’ve gotten into the spirit a bit…..hope it trickles down to me.

    (i just said ‘trickle’…hehe)

  2. Blondefabulous

    Very nice. HHH and I are actually 1 upping the teen gift of an iPod touch and getting our daughter an iPhone 3G. She’s a gifted student with straight A’s, works hard in her ballet studies, and we can consolidate her phone and entertainment into one product.

    Like the blutooth camers though….. that one may have to be for mommy!

  3. annabelle

    What’s up Daddy Warbucks. You can play Santa at my house any day.

    I must say, I was a little surprised by the senserity of this list. I was expecting more of your satirical humor. Thanks for the genuine suggestions.

  4. Hockeymandad

    Great list, I have several of these things on my own list. I’m still looking for a good PU-36 Space Modulator, but no one seems to have any. At least not for sale on any non-black markets. Otherwise, should have a wishlist feature instead of connecting it to my Amazon list.

  5. Allyson

    I gotta say, I like my Nook a whole heck of a lot! Having never held a Kindle, I don’t know too much of the difference, but on Nook, you can even share books with your friends (presuming, of course that your friends have a Nook, also), and my cousin just gave me a cd with 5000 books on it, which transferred nicely onto my Nook.

    As for the rest of your list… I REALLY want that wearable camera! Awesome!

  6. Poppy

    My wish list is stuck at posting at midnight on Black Friday because it’s gonna be on Buy-Her. I almost added the iPod touch but for me I already have an old one engraved with a message from Dawg so it means a lot to me… But if I didn’t have one I’d WANT THAT.

    And when you said the largest AT-AT was 2 feet tall the first thing I thought was “uh, what about that HUGE ONE at SWCV??!??!??!” but then you specified action figure. 🙂

    Good list!

    If we click the links do you get affiliate money?

      • Poppy

        @Avitable, you get paid (in 5 years) AND you get a present! BONUS! I was thinking on the train ride home today that I bet a lot of people buy you presents but don’t click the link so you end up with 5-10 of the least expensive item (hard economic times and all). People, CLICK THE LINK SO WE KNOW YOU BOUGHT IT! 🙂 I am, of course, projecting my experience with my brother’s wish list. He adds a bunch of stuff to it then everyone buys it locally in Vermont instead of through Amazon so NYC me sends him dups. Do not like.

  7. stac

    I love my NOOK. not only can you lend books to other NOOK owners, I can hook up to my library as well. And you can go online with WIFI. You can also get a memory card for it, if 1500 books aren’t enough. I do love the feel of it too.

  8. Lisa

    My wish list will be up on Buy-Her soon too.

    I keep mulling over the idea of an e-reader, but if I’m going to go for that I might as well get an iPad because, hello, iPad. But I just can’t justify it.

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