37 thoughts on “Crazy Avitable’s Black Friday Specials”

  1. Ohhhhhh! Edward on a pillow case! I looked at our walmart for one of those after your last post about it, but I was not able to find them 🙁

    Cookies and fudge are out and so is any type of actual monitory exchange,

    … looks like boobs it is!

  2. This is awesome Adam! Now I don’t have to spend countless hours in a mall looking for perfect gift for everyone! I’ll take the Twilight pillowcase for myself, thanks. After you get it back from the dry cleaners…

  3. I’ll take the sock, pillowcase and stupid magnet. At that price, it’s worth changing my name to Adam. I am willing to pay a photo of one boob, 3.5 cookies, 78 cents and a compliment on sexual technique. You give the best nasty nazi and strawberry shortcake I’ve ever had.

    1. @Jenny, Bloggess, this is a good thing. It means it’s mine, all mine! And it’s actually in my guest room, not my bathroom, so that you can look down on everyone who visits and sleeps there. You’re like Jesus.

  4. You’re awesome. In fact, so awesome I am leaving right now in my car to drive from Vancouver to Orlando so you can take the pictures of my boobs in person! Who’s the lucky one now huh!?

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