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30 Days of Truth Day 14: A hero who has let you down.

This is Day 14 of the 30 Days of Truth series. (Day 1234567891011 |12| 13).

Who is a hero who has let me down?

I don’t have any heroes.  I mean, not real ones.  I have superheroes.  Superman.  The Flash.  Martian Manhunter.  Plastic Man.  All fictional characters with qualities that I try to espouse.

But I don’t have any heroes.  I admire a few people, but I do a horrible job of learning from people.  Part of it is my ego – I know that I’m smarter than most people, so it’s hard for me to consider anyone a hero.  The other part is just the fact that unless I’m madly in love with someone and wearing love goggles, I’m always acutely aware of someone’s flaws.

There have been people with skills that I don’t have.  I wish I could sing, dance, play an instrument, or know innately how to fix something.  I’m jealous of people who can do those things, and I try to emulate them, but I wouldn’t consider them heroes.

I’ve also learned that there are very few people, if any, that I can count on completely.  In order to have a hero who could let me down, I’d have to have faith in someone to such a degree that they could let me down at all.

The only person I can count on is myself.  The only person who I want to be is the better me inside who I know is there.  I’m my own hero, and it’s my goal never to let myself down.

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34 Replies to “30 Days of Truth Day 14: A hero who has let you down.”

  1. OHmommy

    “The only person I can count on is myself. ”

    A huge life lesson. One that took me 32 years to realize and one that I am teaching my kids this very moment.

    Begin rant (sorry for taking your blog space): I published a children’s book for the Polish-American community. ELEVEN MILLION Polish-Americans live in the US. Half of those live in Chicago. And half of those living in Chicago grew up with me in one way or another through organizations like “Poles rock.” And not one of them purchased the book (beside my best friend and my neighbor) because, I dunno. The sales online from generations removed are awesome. People understand the importance of preserving heritage.

    Wouldn’t you be proud if a fellow friend wrote about their heritage in a way that no one ever did? I would! This stoooooopid Polish community has left me out because I wrote the book in English.

    Wow. Did I take up your comments? So sorry Adam.

    I am my own hero.

  2. Thursday's Child

    Whenever I get to this prompt, I think I’m going to pretty much just copy/paste your response here.

    When I was reading through the prompts before I started, I paused at this one, and thought pretty much what you wrote here.

    People suck, and superheroes may have bad days, but they always come back to right.

  3. Lisa

    You and I are very much alike in this way. I learned at an early age not to depend on people because they don’t stick around, so I became fiercely independent and self-sufficient. It causes problems in my relationships because people don’t feel like I “need” them, which is true. Trying to get across that “want” and “need” are different, and in this case “want” is better is hard so I’ve been trying to rely on people more to satisfy their need to be needed. Which sort of makes me sound like a sociopath.

  4. Becca

    I don’t have any heroes who are real people, but that is because people are inherently fallible. That took a long time to learn, but I have definitely learned.

    I have found one person I can count on, she is the only one I truly believe will do whatever it takes to help me. How cynical have we all become???

  5. Clown

    You’ve never let yourself down?
    Really? That’s a lofty goal.

    I’ve let myself down countless times. From not speaking up for myself at times to how I should have handled different situations. It’s not really regret, but just holding myself to a certain standard that I don’t live up to. When I don’t say or act the way that would have wanted myself to, I let myself down a bit.

    • Avitable

      @Clown, I’m not saying that I look back on small situations and wish I had done something a little differently, but to let myself down, I think I’d have to betray my very core, and I haven’t done that. Yet.

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