35 thoughts on “Over my head”

  1. Dude, yeah…what they said…

    Didjer winky fall off and now you are being accosted by a Pepperidge Farms goldfish cracker whilst a Titantic-type lifesaver taunts you from above?

    And are we speaking in Freudian terms or a more esoteric “hey I’m drowning whilst being accosted by Pepperidge Farms goldfish crackers as a Titantic-type badly-drawn lifesaver taunts me from above” kind of a way?

    I’m lost here. Please elaborate.

    PS I check the medicine cabinet in your bathroom ~ perhaps you left it in there

  2. Um, yes. Where is the penis? I cannot believe I have laid eyes upon a naked picture of Adam Avitable, sans penis.

    Where is the phallus!!! The masses demand it!

    Oh and also, are you doing ok? It’s a little… disturbing… to see a representation of you drowning. Without a penis.

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