41 thoughts on “The year’s already getting off to a good start.”

  1. haha omg that’s fucking awesome 🙂 I am a bit disappointed that you didn’t get out there with him though. I still remember your moves from the dancing competition with Mr. Fab!

  2. You know how you get moments of grief where it just unexpectedly and repeatedly punches you in the gut? I was there, trying to remember to just breathe, just move on, just plough through.

    I moseyed on here and saw this.

    And out of nowhere, I smiled so big and laughed so hard.

    An unexpected win.

    Thank you Adam, for having such a great sense of humor and for sharing such awesome gems.

    I hope 2011 finds you dancing in the streets having a good ol time, just cause you can.


    1. @racheal, I’m sorry you were feeling so down, and I hope you scrolled down far enough to see the photo of my testicles, as balls will cheer you up no matter what. It’s a scientific fact. 🙂

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