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Less ambitious movies

Two nights ago, there was a meme running on Twitter called #LessAmbitiousMovies, listing movies that are, obviously, less ambitious than already existing movies.  I joined in briefly, but decided that I’d rather just create a post with several ideas rather than a hundred tweets with one idea each.  Efficiency!

(Also, while I’m sure I will duplicate ones that others have written, it’s unintentional.)

  • Mission: Quite Likely
  • Regularbad
  • The Mild Post-Drinking Headache
  • Year of Living Safely
  • The Totally Bearable Lightness of Being
  • Spider-person
  • Heather
  • The Fifth Sense
  • The Sisterhood of Pants that Stayed Right There and Didn’t Go Anywhere
  • The Decent Escape
  • Back to Five Minutes Ago
  • Bill and Ted’s Subpar Adventure
  • James and the Normal Sized Peach
  • Edward Fingerhands
  • Slapping Club
  • Buffy the Cockroach Slayer
  • Middle-of-the-road Gun
  • Brokeback Plain
  • The Average Seven
  • The Constantly Touched Guys

Let’s hear yours!

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54 Replies to “Less ambitious movies”

  1. LeSombre

    Mine were:
    Gone with the Breeze
    Schindler’s Post-It
    Back to the FutureShop

    Of the ones you published here, my favorite is “The Average Seven”. Well done!

    Also, it seems to me that “Back to Five Minutes Ago” is still pretty ambitious. How about “Back to Right Now” instead? ;-P

  2. Tsir Ah Xuan

    What I wrote that day..

    Return of the Fellowship to the Two Towers
    Harold and Kumar Goes to McDonald’s
    Gulliver’s Travel Agent
    The Obvious Case of Benjamin ZippersOpen
    Four Engagement Parties and a Visit to the Hospital

  3. Michy

    Hmm. I sorta suck at this.

    Maybe Bring It
    Apocalypse Whenever
    Mildly Smoking Saddles
    Ocean’s One
    The Partial Nine Yards
    Biweekly Man
    The Okay, The Kinda Bad, and the Relatively Common-Looking
    American Average
    Temporary Sunshine of the Mostly Clean Mind
    Some Like It Tepid
    Partial Metal Jacket
    Grey Swan

      • Michy

        @Avitable, As I was doing my errands yesterday, I was pondering some other ideas, and the only one that popped into my head was “The Mild Disagreement Club”. Guess my creative thingy ran out of gas.

        But I did think how much fun it would be if people were to get together and actually make spoofs like these.

  4. Neeroc

    Man, I laughed at so many of the ones I saw scroll by.
    Here’s a few of mine, I’m sure someone else thought up.

    Single Indemnity
    A Clockwork Tan
    A Clockwork Spraytan
    Dingy Laundry
    Reservoir Prairie Dogs

  5. Kirsty

    Moulin Pale Pink
    Off White and the Two Slightly Less Than Average Height People
    Just a Little Bit Higher
    Lord of Fisticuffs
    Mildly Hopeful Expectations
    A Tale of Two Villages (yup, I’m in Dickens mode)
    Indiana Jones and the Hall of Not Very Good News
    Little Miss At Least It’s Stopped Raining
    Some Sun With Cloudy Patches of the Quite Long-Lasting Mind
    OK, I have stuff to do now, so I’ll stop, but I could play this all night…

  6. someone

    lord of jewlery
    tommorow (the day after tommorow)
    normal speed (faster)
    some people (the other guys)
    7: boring poker (007: quantum solace)
    a group of people (the A-team)
    somewhere, i don’t know where (lost)
    people talking over the internet (social networks)

  7. Issa

    I missed this one on Twitter, which is sad, it’s my favorte sort of Twitter game.

    This one was already made though: Bill and Ted’s Subpar Adventure. It’s actually called Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

    Semi-mean boys.
    Independence Minute.
    Ocean’s Two
    Alice in Pasadena
    Pirates of the Marina
    The Day Before Tomorrow

  8. Anna

    I would attempt this but I’m afraid I’m too lazy to go through all of the comments and see what’s been taken. Ha
    Also, the rest of them are kinda hilarious. Don’t know if I can top it.

  9. lessambitiousmovies

    Here are some of we came up with :
    (and yes, some of them do sound like porn movies) :

    XXX Files : I Just Can’t Believe
    The Devil Wears Me Out
    Lawrence Of Suburbia
    Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Tights
    Tweeting In the Rain
    My Fair Weather Lady
    The Sound of Muzak
    Casino Royale Pain in The…
    They Shoot RSS Don’t They
    American 3.14159
    Tweet Caroline
    Desperately Googling Susan

    We got so addicted to the concept of #lessambitiousmovies that we set up a whole website to preserving and perpetuating this crazy meme – at (there are over 400 movie titles there now !) You can add your own and also vote on the funniest ones.

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