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My drunken treatise on Joss Whedon among other things

Sorry for the LOUD.

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38 Replies to “My drunken treatise on Joss Whedon among other things”

  1. Dave2

    I don’t want to spoil anything, but at the end of the Avengers movie, EVERYBODY dies. As opposed to the Captain America movies where only Bucky and Cap die (probably because he only wrote it, not directed it).

  2. B.E. Earl

    Well, he tries to get around that “killing off everyone” by bringing some of them back. Ballard “died”, but didn’t he come back as a doll? Angel died, but he came back. Just like how Buffy came back after dying…twice! Spike died, but then he came back to bug Angel. Fred died, but her form lived on with Illyria.

    But you are right. The one that really hurt was Wash. And Joyce. And Shepherd Book. And Anya. And Penny…

  3. Lisa

    I didn’t make it to the final seasons of Buffy and missed Angel altogether mostly because my sister went all crazy fangirl and kind of ruined it for me. But you’re right. He kills everyone off! I was really bummed about Wash because WTF was the purpose in that?

  4. Faiqa

    I don’t think Whedon hates happy. He loves happy. He thinks happy is special and that’s why he’s always killing it off in his shows. He’s trying to convey the temporary and special nature of happiness. This is an important message because people tend to take happiness or the people who make them happy as eternal constants and therefore don’t fully appreciate how blessed they are to have that in their life… embracing the temporary status of these people and feelings reminds us to treasure them more.

    Oh, and for the love of all things holy tell me you didn’t wear that shirt out in public.

  5. Grant

    I wondered if you had seen Dollhouse. I think Dollhouse vs. Firefly invokes a debate similar to Star Trek vs. Star Wars, but I don’t wish to imply that Dollhouse is as lame as some of the Treks. It’s just more serious sci-fi vs. something highly implausible but a lot of fun.

  6. Elizabeth Kaylene

    Wash dying sucked; the series ended and I thought we were going to get away squeaky clean! I was sad when Book died, but nowhere near as sad as I was when Wash died. Aggggh!

    And when we lost Ballard? I still can’t watch that scene, even though Echo imprints herself with him at the end. (I’m not happy with Alpha being all lovey-dovey at the end, though. I like him evil much better.)

    You like comics, right? Joss Whedon did a graphic novel about Book, a one-shot about Wash, and there are more Firefly/Serenity comics but I’m not sure what the deal is on them. We’re also getting a Dollhouse series. And at some point, I am going to start collecting the Buffy trades.

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