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Go team!

I can tell you exactly how tonight’s Superbowl is going to end.  Don’t read this if you want to actually enjoy the game:

At the bottom of the ninth, the Packers will be in a power play and focus on a corner kick instead of going for three-pointers. Roethlisberger will execute a perfect axel jump right as the teams enter the final lap, getting a spare in spite of the 7-10 split.  At the end of the inning, with almost 20 overs, the Steelers will win with a final score of 40-love.

Exciting match!

More important than the Superbowl, though, is the fact that today is also the birthday of a fellow geek, great friend, and wonderful, big-hearted soul.  Happy birthday, Heather!

Heather as a Stormtrooper. Me as a Canadian.

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