Why I love NASCAR.

Hoooo-eeee, I’ll tell you what.

The best thing about living this close to Daytona Beach is that I get to be right close to the Birthplace of Speed and the home of the Daytona 500.

There ain’t nothing on God’s green earth that’s better than sitting with a group of my people, the cream of the crop, real Americans, watching real men driving bad-ass cars around in circles for hours on end.

This ain’t no sissified sport, like tennis or soccer.  NASCAR is where red-blooded Americans thrive, no matter if they’re in peak physical condition.  Isn’t this the real American dream?  One where any man, even if he’s out of shape and reliving his glory days from high school, can drive around in circles until he gets sponsorships by Budweiser and Doritos?

And if you’re lucky?  If you happen to be at that once in a lifetime race, and you happen to be paying strict attention to the cars as they drive their 400th lap, you may just see the best, most glorious part of stock-car racing.  If you’re lucky, there may be a horrible accident, with tires flying and smoke and fire and maybe, somebody will even die.

What could be better?  Yeehaw!

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17 Replies to “Why I love NASCAR.”

  1. Dave2

    Better than watching somebody die? I wouldn’t know. I can only guess. I’d imagine if you enjoyed watching one person die, you’d undoubtedly enjoy watching multiple people die even more. Sooo… mass murder? Genocide?

  2. GrandeMocha

    I live in a low rent area. Nascar is VERY popular here. Also pawn shops, payday advances, tattoo & piercing parlors. I tell my husband that I’m a catch because I have all my own teeth and a job. The huge accident last night at Daytona was almost as big a story as the 8-12 inches of snow.

  3. Sybil Law

    Uh, I do know this much about Nascar – I couldn’t do it. Sit in a HOT ass car for hours, sweating your balls off, going round and round repeatedly at high speeds, trying not to get hit…. I think it’s definitely harder than you think it is.
    I still don’t like it, though.

  4. Mari

    You sound a little bitter. Like maybe you don’t believe that NASCAR has room for you.
    It does! You’re a perfect candidate! Get your sponsorships together ASAP so you can be in next year’s starting line. I’m sure you’re going to LOVE it!

  5. Erika

    No kidding! My husband watched about 30 minutes of the Daytona 500 and I think I saw 5 wrecks. Those guys driving 200 mph only inches from the bumper in front of them are crrrazy, man. I live in Tampa, so I say this with love, but it is no surprise this is such a popular sport in FL (home of the sunburned idiot drinking Bud and driving a 4-wheeler)

  6. Poppy

    I have loved car racing since I was a kid. My nephew, I kid you not, graduated from the first class ever graduated at the NASCAR mechanic school in Virginia. My family will tell you to shut up if you talk during NASCAR and it’s about something other than the race.

    Little known facts.

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