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My Stand Up Set. Laugh at me or with me. Either works.

On Sunday night, I was part of the Pro-Am set at the Orlando Improv, and I did a five minute set. I was nervous as all hell, but I feel like it went okay for my first time on stage, especially appearing in front of almost 400 people. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me!

(Shot by my friend James. The quality sucks for the first few seconds, but then it’s corrected.)

124 thoughts on “My Stand Up Set. Laugh at me or with me. Either works.”

  1. “My Nintendo barely half the time anyway” I laughed out loud. Literally, not that silly little ‘lol’ shit that just means I smiled.

    I’m really amazed that you did this. You’ve got some balls, dude. And please don’t send me a picture of them.

  2. I am so PROUD OF YOU!! You did fantastic. And you got some GREAT laughs. I loved it.

    But for the love of everything good in this world, BURN THAT FUCKING SHIRT.

    My eyes are still bleeding.

    *So proud dude. SOOOO PROUD.* (Plan Q. Snicker. Totally stealing that line.)

      1. @Avitable, I’m a good friend with a comic who performs at Second City in Chicago so I’ve seen hundreds of comedians. In my opinion, your presentation ranks in the top 25%. You’re a natural. Improve the material and you could go places. I liked the shirt by the way.

  3. I had a friend in college who did standup. He used to call me every week and invite me to all his shows. I used to think “Wow! What a great friend! He calls me all the time and he always wants me to be there when he’s performing!”

    And eventually he told me that he invited me to all his shows because I LAUGH SO MUCH AND SO LOUDLY.
    So if you’re looking for a great comedy audience member, I’m apparently your gal.

    My Nintendo broke.

    1. @Superjules, if you’re ever in Florida, or if I ever ever do a show in your area, you get seats in the front. And “My Nintendo broke” is GENIUS. I just laughed out loud and may steal that. 🙂

      1. @Avitable, Well, from watching the video you looked totally at home on stage and though your nerves may have been getting to you, I don’t think it showed. I’m sure each time it will get easier…or maybe not, but don’t give it up. You have talent so don’t waste it.

  4. Adam!
    I am so over the moon proud of you. It was like I was watching my own child up on stage. Love love love you. And this was fantastic. You totally rocked the stage. Super super funny. And you didn’t seem nervous at all. You could totally do this for a living and not be paid very well for it–just like the professionals!

    The shirt? Oh dear god. As Tanis said, burn it. Immediately.

  5. Pretty good. I laughed and everything.

    Also like a Nintendo, a white controller determines all their actions.

    I was expecting the “five-year-old in a three-way” joke’s punchline to reveal that it was just your optimistic spin on you getting molested by a drunken uncle and his friend.

  6. That was awesome!! You looked totally comfortable and at home on stage. I watched sitting at my desk with headphones on and laughed right out loud at the Nintendo joke. People think I’m crazy now so thanks for that 😉

      1. @Avitable, I agree with Mrs. RW. It was too gross for my taste and really not all that funny. But you could tweak it a little because you looked comfortable and didn’t sound nervous at all. I am not sure why comedy now has to be dirty as in really dirty. Work on some good stuff and you will be a hit!


  7. Props to you — that was GREAT for the first tine up on stage!

    Am I the only one who got the “I don’t drive drunk; I drive slow” line? (Maybe it’s because I’ve actually been in a car with you driving…)

    Keep doing stand-up; keep on getting video taken of you. I’ll keep watching.

    Oh — and I’ll have to teach our son Avi how to spell his name out for everyone at school. The rabbis will just love that…

  8. I don’t see what’s wrong with your shirt. When LeSombre mentioned it on twitter I was convinced you were wearing a silkscreen of your balls. You should wear THAT.

    That audience didn’t laugh properly at your jokes. And no one heckled you. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I’m flying down.

  9. My husband is now staring at me wondering why I’m laughing at the Nintendo only working half the time. He wasn’t listening to the whole thing. I think you did a great job!

      1. @Avitable, I prefer my dick unspotted……God knows where a spotted cock has been, probably tramming all the ladies in the district with a lovely red light

  10. you know , as a black man i.. totally loved the nintendo joke! i thought your set was great. i watched on youtube. you need to put CYR on youtube as well. keep up tbe good work!

  11. Great job Adam (yes I’m a slacker, but I knew I couldn’t watch it in the office). Can’t wait to see more of them. Make sure you’re world tour brings you to my little corner of Canada.

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